Candle light, sunlight and the light of the world . . . isn’t that a great start to a summer’s day.

Trusting that you are enjoying it as much as I am . . . the ability to get outside, go for walks and see more people feels so liberating. But life still isn’t easy. As good as this loosening up feels, the news warns us of increased domestic violence, lost jobs, marriage breakdown, financial crises, mental health issues, depression and fear of a second wave, are all up. And we know that while the sunshine is a blessing, the fallout from these past months and the ones that lie ahead are not easy. I hope that we can continue walking this path together.

Here are the words of the prayer for those who will use it . . . We light this candle . . . in the name of God who created light and life . . . in the name of the Saviour whose love gave light and life eternal . . . in the name of the Spirit whose flame guides us through this life.


St Monica's Anglican Church
Grand Prior - Canada - OSMTH