I have been thinking about President Trump pardoning Susan B. Anthony for her suffrage “campaign crimes” and Prime Minister Trudeau’s apologizing for the Japanese internment and the Residential Schools: actions taken by others long before their lifetimes.

Have you noticed how easy it is to apologize and atone and remit monies for the sins and mistakes of others . . . and how easy it is to offer apologies and “mea culpas” for things that we did not personally do.

My question today, “What do we need to be apologizing for?” and how and why!

I am taken with the new desire abroad in our land to rid our present of our past.

So, what do we need to be apologizing for: what has been done OR not done. We may wish, in retrospect, that things had been done differently . . . BUT if they had, we would not be who we are today. And I am rather fond of how I turned out!

How about you?

The reality is, when I look back at my life, or you at yours, we see the mistakes we make, the unkindnesses of our actions, the cruelty of our tongue, but in the consequences and in the reality, who we are was formed. We can know we did wrong while acknowledging that the person we are today was formed in those yesterdays. Whether we like who we are or not, that is what made us.

But what we are from this moment forward is entirely up to us. We can be better. We can be worse. We can learn from our mistakes or we can repeat them.

The way forward is up to you. And me.


Nola Susan Crewe JD, MDiv, MA, GCTJ
Rector - St Monica's Anglican Church
Grand Prior - Canada