I saw your website and the request for information you can use on your site and I think you will be interested in this.

I live in NE Florida, USA, near the Georgia state line. I do historical metal detecting and found what I believed was the lid to a can and nearly sent it to a recycling center. (It was buried in hard as a rock, dried black mud. Luckily I decided to clean it and found it was actually an antique, silver Scottish medallion. I have done a tremendous amount of research on it and it has been published in magazines in the US, UK and Scotland.

As you can see it is heavily engraved on both sides. There are numerous icons, mottos and phrases from Scottish history.

But most amazing (to me) are the Kirkpatrick Family mottos of TOUCH AND I PEARCE (Pierce) and I MAK SICKER (Siccar).

I don’t want to go into all the details at this time but the St Andrews Society has invited me to present at their 2 Scottish Heritage Education Days (SHED)and they video’d me at the last and posted it on YouTube. Search for Chip Kirkpatrick SHED to watch it and learn much more.

Of course the question often raised is how did it end up here? A likely scenario involves the Highlanders recruited by James Ogilthorpe when Georgia was a new colony. The settled about 75 miles from here. They came to Amelia Island to avenge the murder of 2 Scots by Indians friendly to and supplied by the Spanish in St Augustine, about 50 miles from here. The medallion looks concave but it’s actually flat. It is creased and the theory is it was struck in combat and possibly ost for 400 years until I stumbled across it.

I found a 1718 Spanish 1 Reale, not far from where found this.

I hope you enjoy this. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Chip Kirkpatrick

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