These are the days for the idioms of childhood:

- Waste not, want not . . . let’s not lose our community for want of supporting it
- Best of both worlds . . . we can be safe and still be supportive
- No pain, no gain . . it’s going to take us all working hard, together, to get our world back
- It is always darkest before the dawn . . . but the dawn of a bright new day is on the horizon for all of us as long as we care and support each other and work together

Children heading back to school is the best news ever! Children so desperately need other children. And most need the structure of a classroom and getting up at the same time and coming home after a day of play and learning. Two or so parents and a batch of aunts, uncles, grannies and grandpas are no substitute.

Aside from the whining teachers’ unions, the world is starting to feel as if the worst of the storm is over and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But not for all of us! Some have been irretrievable damaged by Corona, their lives in tatters and their futures bleak. So what is the Christian response to that?

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God bless
The Reverend Nola Crewe, J.D., MDiv., M.A., GCTJ
Rector St Monica’s Anglican Church
Grand Prior – Canada - OSMTH