What do you expect God to do?

What does God expect you to do?

And why doesn’t God deliver on demand? After all, He’s the one who told us to; taught us to and now seems to pick and choose from our prayers!

My thoughts on prayer . . . and why God is there when I really need Him. And there when I really work out my prayers. But is terribly elusive when I just WANT in my prayers.

How about you . . .


This is OPERATION OMEGA DAY . . . that’s the day we finally can once again open the church doors and share communion (even though the wine is out for now) and listen to the best of hymns (even though we won’t be singing along). A strange new world . . . but to be able to see people we haven’t seen for six months and to know that they are well and with us! WOW!

And, heads up, reading this does not mean you can sleep through the sermon at Church. That will be on the Old Testament Lesson as the Israelis flee from bondage in Egypt.

If you won’t be at St Monica’s this Sunday know that you are in our hearts and prayers. Just as going to school isn’t for every pupil, going back to the physical church isn’t for every parishioner. For some it is their vulnerability, or the vulnerability of those they love and live with. For others distance means another church will (hopefully) claim your attendance. These THOUGHTS travel far and wide: China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, the USA and then forwarded on after that. I sit before my computer in awe of how far these words will go and how many of you will drop a line to agree or disagree or just say “Hello”.

So, for me, this was the great gift that COVID-19 gave me . . . a new way of reaching out and making new friends and sharing this strange new world of ours.

Until next week, may God bless and keep you.


Rector – St Monica’s Anglican Church
Grand Prior III – Canada - OSMTH