Good morning and welcome to the last Sunday of Summer . . . as Autumn looms on the horizon.

Week number two when you can come to church for a sermon or stay at home and listen to me anyway: but the THOUGHTS and homily are different species (mind you, the one at St Monica’s is also longer!) which makes writing them has me developing a split personality for prayer and commentary . . . but never fear, I am loving it.

So glad you chose to open me up today and I hope to see you again next week, but for now, here are my THOUGHTS . . .

Good morning . . . so nice to see you and share the good news: People actually came out to church last Sunday!

. . . which makes this week a whole lot less apprehensive and slightly more normal . . . and despite masks, being back to church was wonderful!.

This week I mention two contemporary Canadian poets you don’t get to hear about or memorize in school anymore: Robert Service who told the tales of the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon and Dr. William Henry Drummond, who took on the voice of backwoods Quebec and brought it to life for the English speaking world. Both were recording Canada at the turn of the 20th century. It is well worth hitting Wikipedia to check them out.

I hope you have been able to begin to emerge from the self-imposed isolation of the past half-year and are once again enjoying the company of family and friends: even if it is at a distance and masks conceal the smiles. Have you been able to get back to your favourite restaurant -- even if it is on the patio; Or to your favourite mall –- but they tend to be rather sorrowful trips, seeing shops you have patronized for years gone forever;

And my favourite: back to church – even if not at your preferred hour.

And the weather has been a delight: I had lunch in the backyard most days this week in a desperate bid to ignore the reality that cooler days will soon put a chill on such delights.

In the meantime, I will enjoy every outdoor moment I can manage.

So glad you were able to join me. Hope you are able to attend a virtual or a really-real church service to-day.


The Reverend Nola Crewe, J.D., M.A., M.Div., GCTJ
Rector – St Monica’s Anglican Church
Grand Prior III – Canada - OSMTH