There is an excellent book "Elora, The Early History of Elora and Vicinity" by John Connon and the publishers have kindly provided us with an extract from the book, pages 64 - 85, in pdf format which you can download below. The book can be purchased from WLU Press at

You can download the extract at

We also received some sad news from Sandy MacKay...

Nancy and Alan Sinclair phoned me at the farm last night with the news that Ada Kirkwood had died peacefully at her daughter's home yesterday afternoon. She had decided to leave the hospital, having been quite sick for the last 6 months. You probably have all heard the news but Nancy asked me to send a message by internet. The funeral is on Thursday. She was a wonderful woman and a real historian as we hear in her interview. a privege to have been able to share some moments with her.

For some interesting memories and pictures, link to the tweedsmuir histories