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  1. Hello, Gordon....I want to wish you a verrrry HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's nice to know that there's ONE person who's older than I am!!! Hope you will have had a great day!!! Friends, Joan
  2. Gordon, glad to be your friend. I also have many ties to England. If you look into my "album" you will meet my grand-dad from Sussex, and my grand-mum came from Chelsea in London. I have one cousin nr. Southampton, now. Belong to GenesReunited site, although am not all caught up on the genealogy. More later, as it's late here, & I need my so-called beauty sleep!!! Joan
  3. Hi Joan,
    Spot on; 1938 is birth year. Ancestry is probably 2/3 Scottish, both parents born there (Falkirk) and all the rest is English. My cousin Wendy who is a retired teacher/librarian has traced back to the 1600's on both sides of the family. I just fill in the odd research gap as she is the real research guru. My main claim to fame was discovering close family we did not know anything about; then Wendy took over and did all the hard work, she has quite a comprehensive database on RootsWeb.
    I also ticked the 'friend thingy" so it now should appear [I think]
  4. HI, Gordon...I did get your message, & I guess I got you confused with I think "Ranald". However, I do know where Tasmania is, as I've read a book years ago about it, all I can remember is it was a guy, & he lived there. I've had pen friend in New Zealand, & have one (female) in Melbourne, OZ, who is the closest to me via letters, if you get what I mean? I have been impressed with some of your postings, & your color pic is quite fine... What ancestory are you? I am half English/ half Scot,Irish,German,poss. Spanish, poss.French. What a mix! You sound as though you were born in 1938 (my observation), and I was born in 1940. However, you are now a Knight, & I am a mere Citizen!!! Write back, I'm curious. Joan Would you like to be my friend??
  5. Hi Joan,
    I don't know if my reply to your message re: location showed up correctly, I'm in Tasmania (Australia)
    I didn't want you to think I had been ignorant and ignored your question.
  6. Thanks for "liking" my gardening probs with rabbits, etc. I'm interested in finding out where you are? Are you in Scotland? Joan/FriedaKateM
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