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  1. A slightly larger bout (body) is what makes a dreadnaought The next bigger size woulc be a jumbo, the next smaller size would be a concert body.
  2. Hello, Tom...Am particularly impressed with your Martin Dreadnought, & your mandolin. What is it that makes it a dreadnought? I know differences between shapes of mandos, A & B (I think?) My little guitar is a cheaper one...Oscar Scmidt by Washburn. Also like the bag pipes, particularly the silver fittings on that one. Also would like to see you dressed in kilts with bagpipes, & the whole outfit!!! Of course, would just like to see what you look like. I appreciate all the musical assistance/aid. You're very knowledgeable. Joan
  3. I have played a number of instruments over the years. I played Guitar, 5-string banjo and resinator guitar during my school years until I completed college and went into the military. I still occasionally play guitar. I purchased a mandolin last year with the intention of learning crosspicking but am learning that for a bitty instrument, there is more stretching to chord than on the guitar. I also work on a practice chanter (which is what one learns to play bagpipes on without running the risk of offending anyone) although I have a set of bagpipes waiting for the day I know what I am doing.
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