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  1. Ranald,
    So glad you enjoyed the Wren story. That makes my day.
    I'm struggling along here, working every moment on my last book.

    The year would have been a wonderful one for a garden but I must get first things first. Everything in my life has gone wrong. My daughter in law that was the wonderful gardener and provided the whole family with food is now teaching and has no time to garden. She and my son divorced and I've grieved over that.
    I can't tell you how beautiful the lawns, trees, all foliage is this year. The mild winter did that.

    The tree I planted on Mother and Dad's grave is alive and made it through the hail storm. I planted another on my brother's and it is doing okay too.

    I love the trill of the red-wing blackbird. There is a low water bridge on the way to the ranch. When I lived there I often stopped the car just to sit and listen to the Blackbirds, so beautiful.

    Again thanks for reading.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this one, Ranald. You will enjoy the next one, too.
  3. Ranald,
    Thank you for your reply regarding using a large kettle for moisture. Of course, you know as a Native American we are continually having feasts for large crowds, as easily (almost) as we sit
    down to a family meal. Therefore, I have plenty large kettles and didn't even think of other folks not having them, too. <grin>

    The economic crisis now puts America in the same place as ancient Rome when their crime rate went over the top because of their enslavement to materialism. Surely, we don't need the weather coming down on us, too, it seems. <sigh>

    I really enjoyed the last Sarah Palin show on her foray to the outback in Alaska. Her guest, Kate plus Eight, was thorougly put out with the inclement, cold, rainy weather and finally just
    walked off that show. The kids were having fun.

    Thanks again,
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