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    During my genealogical research, I came across a letter from Daniel McIntyre. This letter was from Daniel (living in Red Bluff, SC to his son in Simpson County, MS) to his son. His son's name is not mentioned. This was found in the papers of my ggg grandfather. Although, given the date of the letter (1823), it would have been received by my gggg gf. I'll just state the circumstances here and I'll post the contents of the letter in a subsequent post. The letter is currently in the possession of a distant cousin of mine. It was always a mystery to them who this McIntyre was and why a letter between the two McIntyres should end up in the possessions of a McLaurin.

    A little research on my part turned up the information. I recalled a site that had genealogy information about the McLaurins, the McIntyres and the Calhouns. I found that again and the owner had a story about 4 McIntyre brothers immigrating. He had been able to trace two of the brothers but totally lost the other two. This Daniel happened to be one of the two lost brothers! I contacted him and gave him the information about the letter and contents etc. He said he couldn't find anything on him and didn't know where he lived. Well, since the letter said Red Bluff, SC, we now knew where he lived. I figured since it ended up in my gf's possessions, he probably knew him when he lived there. So, I looked at the 1810 census (the last before my gf moved) and scanned the page. Nothing there. Then turned the page and there was Daniel McIntyre. I let the gentleman know that information too. Not sure if he's done anything with it though.
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