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  • Great Britain site for genealogy

    I just thought I would mention that I am enrolled in a site which is based in GB, called Genes Reunited. I & one of my cousins have been working on those relatives (on my maternal side) who either left or stayed in England. My cousin is related to me through both my grandmother & my grandfather. So, just Google Genes Reunited for assistance. It doesn't cost too much, think it's cheaper than, as you pay a bit every 6 months. Let me know if anybody uses it. I've actually downloaded my printed out family tree, of course, it's on 8 x 11" sheets, & you have to tape the pieces together, on a very large table. Joan

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    Re: Great Britain site for genealogy

    Genes Reunited is a great site, I have been on it for a few years now, had a partial family tree on it for quite a while and made some excellent contacts,I took it all down a while back, will have to renew my subscription sometime and start some input again; also a good site (with plenty of help available) is Roots Chat, also UK based, a lot of area specific threads on this one; here is some detail on it>>>>>>

    2.8 Million Postings - Fast Free Family History Help is an easy to use messaging forum for everyone researching their family history roots or local history. The focus is on Ireland and the British Isles. Local Historians and Family Historians have a great deal of knowledge to share. This service is entirely free, with the hope that you, the historian and genealogy community as a whole will benefit from it. Find your roots!

    Share images and files: With RootsChat you can share images of documents that you have, or indeed GEDcom files (from Family History software), and text files. These kind of files cannot contain viruses and can be safely shared here on RootsChat. Start a RootsChat today!

    Communicate Easily: Your email can be hidden from the world on RootsChat if you wish, and yet you can still receive messages from other users by the use of private messages. The less you give out your email address publicly, the less likely you are to receive viruses or unwanted emails

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      Re: Great Britain site for genealogy

      Gordon, my cousin, who lives near Southampton, got me to go onto this Genes Reunited. Also she's the one who's done most of the work on the family trees. As stated previously, her great-grandmother & great-grandfather were related to my grand-mum & grand-dad. Her great-grandma was a cousin to my grandma, & her great-granddad was my grandfather's brother!!! I actually met them when I lived in England, Uncle Frank & Auntie Ciss. He died in 1959, soon after we met him. When I was in my late teens, none of this sunk in. However, I liked them so much, I traveled down to London by myself on the train, & went out to Cricklewood to visit them. (mainly Ciss, as I think Frank had died by that time.) Would love to be able to jump on a train & visit London once again. Of course, I still have cousins up around Aberdeen, although one just died around Christmas. It's nice to be able to visit in this way, isn't it?? Thanks for the addie for rootschat. Joan