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  • Introduction

    Our Electric Scotland Family Tree Service is a powerful database driven site where you can build your genealogy information. We purchased this software at

    There is nothing to prevent you from purchasing this software and running it yourself and you can get lots of information about it by visiting their site. However we thought we'd make this available ourselves so that out visitors could just get down to using the software. When you open an account you will get an Administrator account which will then also allow you to add others to your team and give them permission to add, edit, etc through the whole of your site or just parts of it.

    When using our service you need to create an account. When you do that we do need all the fields completed and when submitted to us we'll review your application and providing all is well will enable your account. And then that is you off and running.

    We should mention that you can import and export your data in gedcom format and we'd certainly advise you to take regular backups by exporting your data on a regular basis to ensure all is well backed up.

    Go to Electric Scotland's Family Tree Service at