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  • Introduction

    This is our general message area for this group meaning you can discuss anything to do with clans, families and genealogy. Their history, family tree, etc.

    You will notice other forums in this group which are more specific and so if your message is more closely matched to any of those then they might be a better place to put your message.

    We're also happy to create a forum for a specific clan or family but as its easy for us to create a forum but much more difficult to get it used we would ask for some evidence how you see your forum being used.

    Electric Scotland of course holds considerable information on Scottish Clans and Families. If you visit our main Clan page at you'll find 2 main sections which are "Clans" and "Information on other Scottish Names". Both of these sections provide a list of many names that will lead you to their histories on Electric Scotland.

    We hope you enjoy making use of this forum and look forward to it being populated with lots of messages.