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Thoughts on a Sunday morning - 22nd August 2021

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  • Thoughts on a Sunday morning - 22nd August 2021

    Greetings . . .

    If you have food for your belly, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, you are better off than so many peoples of our world. It is time for us to give something back . . . even if it is only opening our mouths to speak out for justice and support for the most-disadvantaged and endangered of our world.

    We do not get a free-pass in this world to do nothing. And we do not relieve ourselves of our responsibilities by walking away.

    Please read and respond to my THOUGHTS this day . . .
    God bless you and those for whom we pray.


    Nola-Susan Crewe JD, MDiv, MA, GCTJ
    Rector - St. Monica’s Anglican Church
    Grand Prior III Canada (2017-2020) - OSMTH