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A Scots-Irish recipe from Donna Flood

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  • A Scots-Irish recipe from Donna Flood

    Alastair, Please humor me to put these notes on your website where it can be seen. Respectfully, Donna Flood

    In the interest of sharing a couple things to bring me pleasure and hope, our favorite website "Electric Scotland" handed to us by that brilliant webmaster, Alastair McIntyre, is our choice.

    Donna from America has not dropped off the planet. Alzheimer's deals us a blow to send the whole family reeling.. There are not enough words to tell of the heart break for each and all. Ultimately, acceptance, endurance, adjusting, patience, kindness and love to the disabled are the answers.

    The second recent gift from Ina as she shared this wonderful recipe to remind me of my grandmother Scot-Irish, Bellzona.

    Irish Soda Bread (quick and easy)

    Dry Ingredients
    4 C Flour
    1/2 C Sugar
    1 tsp Baking Soda
    1/2 stick cold Butter
    mix the above with and electric mixer until butter is pea shaped
    Wet Ingredients
    1 3/4 Buttermilk
    1 Egg. Mix dry and wet ingredients into a sticky dough. Pour out on a floured surface, shape into a loaf and bake on a sheet 45 min. at 375. Serve sliced with jam and butter.

    Last but not lease I share a remarkable website with you. JW.Org is translated into more than 750 languages and reaches out over the world to teach our Christian ethics and standards. There are videos for all age groups. Children love the animated videos teaching good manners, fine habits, respect for parents, etc.

    Check this site out you won't be sorry! Best Wishes, Donna from Oklahoma

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    Re: A Scots-Irish recipe from Donna Flood

    My thoughts, and those of many others, are with Donna, her family and friends.