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  • Introduction

    Having launched our new site at I felt it would be useful to add a forum for this site so I can announce things we are adding.

    Right now we're working on getting the basics up such as the history of Canada and its Provinces. We also have a Pioneering section which is building nicely.

    Very recently I read about how Canadian children simply know very little about their own history and a call has gone out to do much better at teaching Canadian history at school. Having spent quite some time studying the history of Scots in Canada I have learnt a lot about the history of Canada and thus this all motivated me to create the new site.

    I have always been struck by the amazing influence on Canada of the Scots settlers which is quite out of proportion to their numbers. You simply can't study Canadian history without there being Scots mentioned in every aspect of the country.

    And so we will be exploring the basic history of Canada and its individual Provinces but also exploring the ethnic histories in Canada as after all it is an immigrant nation. We have a section on the Armed Forces as we believe it's an interesting history in its own right and we do have good information on which to draw.

    I want to explore the pioneering process and hence this section where we bring you some really good details of the early settlement and its progress.

    We then have a "Makers of Canada" section where over time we'll bring you some 21 volumes worth of the really significant people that made their mark on Canada.

    In "Industry and Transport" I want to bring you an overview of Canadian Industrial sectors and the transport infrastructure.

    We then have a Religious section in which we'll explore how religion came to Canada and the amazing contribution many of the leaders made to the well being of Canadians.

    The we have a catch all section "Lifestyle" in which we'll bring you a variety of topics that we hope will be of interest. It will include Travel, Music and other topics.

    And so that's the site and am more than happy to receive any contributions you may be able to make.