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The Saga of Scotland

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  • The Saga of Scotland

    I'm aware that there are parts of the site where things are hidden unless you know where to look for them. One such part is the Radio Programs we got in from Jock Dundee who runs a Scottish show in Australia.

    Over a period he would send me cassettes of his show and I'd record them and put them up on the site.

    Now on that page further down is also an audio recording of "The Saga of Scotland" which is read by Andrew Cruickshanks and Geraldine McEwan. You might enjoy listening to this and it runs over 14 episodes...

    Episode 1 - Once upon a time...
    Episode 2 - Arrival of the Scots
    Episode 3 - Norman Conquest
    Episode 4 - Alexander
    Episode 5 - Throne of Scotland
    Episode 6 - Wallace
    Episode 7 - The Bruce
    Episode 8 - Bannockburn
    Episode 9 - The Kingdom
    Episode 10 - Mary
    Episode 11 - Reformation
    Episode 12 - Jacobites
    Episode 13 - Culloden
    Episode 14 - The Clearances

    You can listen to this at


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    Re: The Saga of Scotland

    Thanks Allie,

    I love audio books!