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  • Our site is down

    Sunday is a day that I take it easy so it was part 1pm before I got to reading my emails and found a few message from 4am onwards saying our site was down.

    I've tried phoning Steve on the emergency mobile but just get a message saying he can't be contacted but have left him a message and also sent him an email. So hopefully he'll get these messages and fix the problem.

    So for the record it looks like we went down around 4am on Sunday 29th August 2010. This is now 1:50pm so we'll see how long it takes for us to get back up.


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    Re: Our site is down

    I might just add that over the years I've been asked if there was some way I could report an issue with the site and so as our community is on a different servers seems this is the best way to report these kind of problems. And so if the site is down and you'd don't know the reason or long it will take to get back up then just pop into Electric Scotland General Message forum and you'll get a report in here.

    We are working on bringing up a new server for the web site and once that is in operation we'll be arranging to mirror our server with Simon Fraser University. This means if the main site goes down for any reason it will just re-direct you to our mirror site.


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      Re: Our site is down

      Well seems Steve got the message so we're back up as at around 2.50pm.