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  • General Advice for this forum

    I thought it would be useful to add this thread to tell you about this forum.

    This is where we are now posting our weekly newsletter and like any other list you join this works the same way with a couple of differences which I'll explain.

    When you click on the main forum which is the Electric Scotland Weekly Newsletter you'll see a menu bar at the top with a list of the threads below. Each thread is a newsletter and so you'll also find older newsletters as well.

    On the menu bar you'll see "Forum Tools" and there is where you can "subscribe" to the forum meaning that when I post a new newsletter you will receive an "email alert" telling you there is a new thread available for viewing and giving you a url to click on to view the newsletter.

    Now when you subscribe to the newsletter you actually get 2 options. One is to get a daily alert and the other is to get a weekly digest. The reason for this option is that when you select the daily alert you'll be sent an alert any time I post a new newsletter BUT you'll also get an alert when anyone replies to the newsletter. In other words when you reply to a newsletter your reply also sends out an email alert to everyone on the list.

    Clearly if lots of you replied you'd end up getting a lot of email alerts. And so to get around this problem you can select the weekly digest. This means you will only get one email per week which will both tell you of the new newsletter but also of the replies to it.

    I could force a read only on this so you couldn't reply but I do think it's nice to get an interaction and the weekly digest option is a way around not having to receive multiple email alerts.

    Once you have subscribed to this forum when you click on "Forum Tools" again you only have the option to "Unsubscribe". When you pick that option you will be unsubscribed but you can now go back to "Forum Tools" and thus pick the Weekly Digest option this time around.

    Now when you select a particular newsletter to read you change from the "Forum" to "Thread" and thus a new menu bar option will be available this time called "Thread Tools". In there you get an option to get a printable version of the newsletter that strips out all the menus and other icons that surround the newsletter.

    You also get an option to email it to a friend should you find something that you think a relative or friend would like to know about. It won't actually send out the whole newsletter... just your comments and a link to view the newsletter.

    There is also a search function in the Forum menu bar where you can search for a key word through all the threads in the forum. And so if you thought I'd discussed something in an old newsletter you can use this search feature to locate it. That is certainly a one up for this service as this couldn't be done by our old list software.

    And so I hope you will have found this post to be helpful and perhaps instead of replying to it here you might instead either send me a private message within the Community or email me direct at electricscotland @

    I should add that all of these options are available to members so if you are viewing as a Guest these won't apply to you as we won't have your email address.