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  • Newsletter for 17th December 2021

    For the latest news from Scotland see our ScotNews feed at:

    Electric Scotland News

    First Day of Winter is on 21st December and many of us have already seen our first snow by now. It would appear that many of us will be having a lonely Christmas again this year due to the new strain of Covid. Certainly I note that cases are rising in Canada and the UK and also throughout Europe.

    They key to this is getting vaccinated and getting your booster shot. Having said that there seems to be little reliable research data about the booster shot but I think if you are bound and determined to go out this Christmas then you need to get the booster. I know of several families who are getting together but have told their unvaccinated friends and relatives not to come unless they get vaccinated and those that do come need to actually prove they have been vaccinated or they won't be allowed into the house.

    Tough love really but you really shouldn't want to infect a relative.

    Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
    Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland and world news stories that can affect Scotland and as all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines it becomes a good resource. I might also add that in a number of newspapers you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish which I do myself from time to time.

    Brexit champion Gisela Stuart handed top job - major new shakeup of Remainer civil service
    Steve Barclay MP, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, confirmed Baroness Stuart as the preferred candidate for the role this afternoon. Despite being a former Labour MP, as a leading Brexiteer campaigner the appointment is expected to be controversial.

    Read more at:

    Brexit Britain leads way! 8.4tn prize nears as AMT secures record-breaking trade deal
    THE UK has signed a record-breaking digital trade deal with Singapore, the British Trade Secretary has announced. The agreement takes the nation a step forward in its ambition to join the 8.4trillion Pacific free trade area.

    Read more at:

    Scottish Budget: Kate Forbes' only big idea was to make cash-starved councils the whipping boys
    With a 10 billion increase in Scotland’s block grant, one might expected a little creativity in how the money is spent to bring real change where it is needed most.

    Read more at:

    Defiant Kippford hawthorn crowned UK Tree of the Year
    Having seen off nine other rivals, the hawthorn will now go on to represent the UK in the European Tree of the Year competition.

    Read more at:

    Canada offers up to $40bn to compensate indigenous children
    Canada has pledged up to C$40bn ($31bn; 23.6bn) in compensation for indigenous children and families who suffered discrimination while in foster care.

    Read more at:

    Canada apologises for scourge of military sexual misconduct
    Canada's defence minister joined the country's highest ranking officer on Monday to offer an apology to survivors and victims of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces - two years after a formal apology was promised.

    Read more at:

    A tiny village reviving Gaelic culture
    Since the 1970s, the town of Eilean Iarmain has been at the forefront of Scotland's Gaelic revival. Now, a new generation of locals are ready to share their culture with tourists.

    Read more at:

    One in five teenage girls has been sexually assaulted
    Survey lays bare crisis of consent in Scotland’s schools

    Read more at:

    Sexual harassment in schools
    We knew it was going on but it is devastating to know how many girls are suffering

    Read more at:

    Meet Scots brothers turning classic drink Vermouth Scottish with new spirit launch
    Valentian is the exciting new Scottish Vermouth from Borders-based brothers David and Dominic Tait.

    Read more at:

    An international appeal to save a rare collection of British literature has been successful, reaching its goal of 15 million ($20 million) with American support.
    This means that the Blavatnik Honresfield Library (formerly Honresfield Library) - a treasure trove of items from the world’s most beloved writers, unseen for almost a century - will no longer be sold at open auction and instead will be shared with libraries and cultural institutions across the United Kingdom.

    Read more at:

    Can we build a skyscraper from rubbish?
    Extracting materials is wreaking havoc on the planet. Could the world's growing mounds of waste hold the key to sustainable construction?

    Read more at:

    Electric Canadian

    Portraits of British Americans
    By W. Notman, Photographer to Her Majesty with Biographical Sketches by Fennings Taylor, Deputy Clerk and Clerk Assistant to the Legislative Council of Canada in three volumes (1865)

    You can read these at:

    A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to The Northern Ocean
    In the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, and 1772 by Samuel Hearne (New Edition) with Introduction, Notes and Illustrations by J. B. Tyrell, M.A. (1911) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    Varsity Graduate
    Added Volumes 1 - 4 (pdf). These can be read at:

    Canada Statistical Abstract and Record for the year 1888
    Published by the Department of Agriculture (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    Electric Scotland

    Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
    Hi Everyone! This Christmas we are so very blessed. Tom is doing sooooo much better. His heart doctor said that if his heart monitor, which we mailed to California for evaluation, has as good numbers as they did face to face, Tom can stop the heart meds. Remember, he had Afib when he was in the hospital in November. You all have been so kind with your support during our very frightening time. Thank you.

    Our favorite TV program is the Antique Road Show. We get to see the program from Great Britain on streaming TV. The other evening, one of the Antique Road Show hosts said, "If you had to leave your house immediately and only had a few moments, what would be the three things you would take with you?" I have thought about that a great deal and have finally decided upon the three things I could not abandon. I think you'll be surprised when you read what they are. However, I thought that might be a very interesting column to write. I already have a couple of friends who have replied - one from Australia and another one from the US. Please think about what are the most precious items you own and which three would you rescue and email me and let me know. I will just use your first name and state or country where you live, so don't worry about your privacy. Just write to <> Thank you!

    This section of BNFT is chock full of interesting things, methinks. I always figure I'm a regular/normal person and if it's interesting to me, it might be for you, too! I hope so. There's an article about where Harry Potter's names of characters in that marvelous series of books came from. There's an update on the Scottish Wildcat, Finlay, and how he is growing up and will be released to the wild this spring. There's an article about the Up Helly Aa celebrations in the Viking parts of Scotland this winter. Scotland's most remote pub is up for sale and you can enjoy reading about that, too.

    Please don't forget to send your email address changes to Remember we'll print your genealogical queries for free! They really do work! You're always welcome to email me with ideas, suggestions, and the news of your Clan or Scottish group.

    Wishing everyone a joyous and healthy Christmas!


    bethRead this issue (Section 2) at:

    An international appeal to save a rare collection of British literature has been successful, reaching its goal of 15 million ($20 million) with American support. (pdf)

    You can view the press release at:

    Sir Joseph Noel Paton
    A small biography of this eminent painter also a Book of his poems (pdf)

    You can read this at: and his poems at:

    Launched our Christmas Page
    I included an embedded YouTube video by the Takeaway channel singing their Christmas song and also a newspaper article about Christmas.

    You can get to this at:

    Aberdeen Journal
    Notes and Queries. Added volume 2 for 1909.

    You can read all the tons of articles at:

    The Glasgow School of Painters
    By G. Baldwin Brown, Watson Gordon Professor of Fine Art in the University of Edinburgh with Fifty-four Reproductions in With Fifty-four Reproductions in Photogravure by J. Craig Annan (1908) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    Hylton Newsletter
    Got in their December 2021 newsletter which you can read at:

    East Neuk Chronicles
    By William Skene (1906)

    You can read this collection at:

    Scottish Society of Louisville
    Got in their December 2021 newsletter which you can read at:


    The Scots In Carolina from the Aberdeen Journal - Notes and Queries Vol. II

    In giving a brief account of the part taken by Scotsmen in the development of South Carolina, it may be proper to mention that the province was at first under the Lords Proprietors, and had an aristocratic form of government, with a titled nobility. This system did not last long, being followed by a line of Royal Governors, a Council, and a Lower House of Assembly, which, in turn, was succeeded by another form, when the colony gained its independence from the mother country.

    It was a brave and courageous act for the little bands of Scots, English, Irish, Germans, and French to settle on a foreign shore, and there, notwithstanding opposition from the Spaniard, and the crafty savage (to say nothing or the terrors of wild animals and the ravages of disease), to lay the firm foundation of what was ultimately to become the proud little State of -South Carolina. Indeed, it was only through much hardship, privation, and war that success at length crowned the effort, so that Carolina now yields the palm to none for the bravery, chivalry, and intellectuality of its men, and the grace and beauty of its women. Although credit is due to all, irrespective of race or creed, still the part played by the brave and sturdy Scots added both lustre and stability, so that ye men of Scotland may look back with pride upon the deeds of your countrymen who aided in founding such u. grand country, where peace and plenty prevail, where freedom reigned supreme, where in the upper parte the mountain breezes blow, and in the southern district the gentle zephyr from the broad Atlantic tempers the air and nourishes the growth of almost every plant of nature.

    Of the sons of Scotland, her statesmen were amongst the foremost, her soldiers tried and true, her physicians skilful, her ministers faithful, and her barristers able.

    In 1682, Sir George Campbell, with others, formed a company of 36 noblemen well-known in Scotland, and founded the first Scottish settlement at Stuarts Town. To it came ten or more families from Scotland (including Hamiltons, Montgomeries, and Dunlops), under the command of Lord Cardross. Unfortunately, however this settlement was destroyed by the Spaniards.

    To mention all the Scottish settlers of South Carolina would fill a volume, and thus the following summary may suffice: —

    Rose of Kilravock.
    One of the Chisholms
    A cadet branch of the Lords Fraser.
    An Aberdeenshire Fordyce.
    Dr John Irvine, who subsequently inherited Drum.
    Sir AEneae M‘Intosh.
    The Earl of Cromarty, one of whose daughters, Lady Mary, was married, first, to the Hon. Thomas Drayton, and, secondly, to John Ainslie. A second daughter, Lady Anne Aitken, was married to Dr John Murray.
    Rev. Joseph Alexander.
    William Ancrum.
    Alexander Dunlop, Sheriff of Port Royal.
    Rev. William Dunlop, one of the Deputies of Lords Proprietors in 1685.
    Lieutenant-Colonel James Grant, who led the expedition against the Cherokees.
    Captain Hastings.
    Colonel Alexander Mackay.
    Rev. Robert Maule, one of the Commissioners for the Public School in 1710.
    Here the Right Hon. Lord William Campbell, fourth son of the fourth Duke of Argyll, married Sarah, daughter of Ralph Izard.

    Members of His Majesty’s Council under the Royal Government: —

    Hon. Alexander Skene.
    Hon. James Kinloch, 1729.
    Hon. Francis Kinloch, 1750.
    Hon. James Michie, 1756.
    John Rattray, 1761.
    John Stuart.
    Thomas Knox Gordon.
    Thomas Irvin, 1755.

    Speaker of Commons, House of Assembly--Jamee Michie, 1753-54.
    Chief Justices: —
    James Graeme, 1750-52.
    James Michie, 1759.
    William Simpson, 1761-62.
    Thomas Knox Gordon.

    Assistant Justices: —
    William Simpson, 1760.
    Robert Brisbane, 1764.
    Robert Pringle, 1760.
    John Murray, 1711.
    William Gregory, 1774.

    Judges of Court of Admiralty: —
    James Graeme, 1741-49.
    James Michie, 1752.
    John Rattray, 17t0.
    Thomas Nairne, 1710.

    Attorney-Generals: —
    James Abercrombie, 1739.
    Adan Graeme, 1762.
    James Moultrie, 1764.
    James Simpson, 1775.

    Members of Provincial Congress of 1775: —

    David Olyphant, George Haig, of the family of Bemersyde; Jemee Skirving, sen.. James Skirving, jun., Colonel William Moultrie, Captain Adam McDonald, Isaac M‘Pherson, Patrick Calhaun Major John Caldwell, John M‘Ness, George Ross, Alexander Mlntosh.

    Founders of Literary Society, 1743—

    Robert Brisbane, John Sinclair, Alexander M'Cauley, Patrick M'Kie.

    Members of Charleston Medical Society: —

    Dr John Lining, Dr Lionel Chalmers, Dr Alexander Garden, after whom the plant “Gardenia” is named.

    The prominent clergymen were: —

    Rev. William Livingston, Rev. John M‘Gallieter, Rev. Hugh Stewart, Rev. Hugh Stewart, Rev. John Witherspoon, Rev. John M’Leod, of the Dunvegan family; Rev. William Richardson, Rev. John Rae, Rev. Archibald Simpson, Rev. Thomas Murray, Rev. J, Alexander. Rev. Archibald Stobo, who went to Isthmus of Panama after graduating in Arte at the University of Edinburgh, and on returning after the failure of the “Darien Scheme,” was by accident left in Carolina. It may be said that he was the founder of the first Presbyterian Church in Carolina, and was instrumental in forming the first Presbytery in that province. He was the ancestor of the very prominent Bulloch family which went to Georgia from Carolina. There was also Captain William Stobo and James Stobo, planter, his sons. Many descend from this family.

    Members of the Legislature of 1776.—Council-

    Richard Richardson.
    David Olyphant.
    Thomas Ferguson.
    William Moultrie.
    Alexander Moultrie, afterwords General.

    Member of Privy Council: —

    Thomae Ferguson.

    Members of Legislature, 1781: —

    Alexander Moultrie, David Ramsay, Colonel William Scott, Dr David Olyphant, senator; Captain William Moultrie, jun.; Daniel Stewart, Alexander M‘Gregor, William Scott, jun.; William Stkirving, John McPherson, Thomas Mitchell, William MCattry, John M‘Cauley, Joseph and William Kirkland, Colonel William Hendereon, Samuel M‘Junkin, ---------- Montgomery, Major Gordon, John Murray, Samuel Dunlop, John MCaw, Dr Ross, Captain Gordon, and William Dunbar.

    Members of South Carolina Congress, 1774-1775:-

    Daniel Steuart, W’illiam Soott, William and James Skirving, Patrick Simpson, James Murray. John Caldwell, John Witherspoon, John Chisholme, Alexander Garden, Ulysses M‘Pher-son, Alexander M Tn tosh, Patrick Calhoun, William Calhoun, Robert Cunningham, John Gordon, John M^Nees, Hugh Swinton.

    Soldiers—2nd Regiment: —
    William Moultrie, oolonel.
    Alexander M'Intosh, major.
    Captains of 1st and 2nd Regiments- Adam M’Donald, William .Scott, Ja nes McDonald.
    Regiment of Rangers—Ezekiel Polk, John Caldwell, and Moses Kirkland, captains.
    First Lieutenants of 1st and 2nd Regiments— William Olyphant, Thomas Moultrie, and Alexander M‘Queen.

    First Lieutenants of Regiment of Rangers-John Donaldson and Alexander Cameron.

    Council of Safety—Thomas Ferguson.

    Governors: —

    Lord William Campbell.
    James Glen, 1743.
    William Moultrie, Major-General and Governor.
    Paul Hamilton, Governor and Secretary of State under President Madison (in his Cabinet as Secretary of State for War).
    General James Hamilton.
    Duncan Clinch Heyward, who was a descendant of the Lamonts and MTntoshes.
    George M‘Duffie.

    U.S. Senators: —
    John C. Calhoun.
    John Ewing Calhoun.
    George M. M'Duffie.
    ------ M‘Laurin.


    William Moultrie, Dr David Ramsay, and Edward MCrady.

    President of U.S.—Andrew Jackson.
    Vice-President of U.S.—John Caldwell Calhoun.

    Speaker of House—Hon. Langdon Cheves, also first president of U.S. National Bank.

    The family of Fraser furnished an artist of merit, while the prominent family of Moultrie gave a Governor of South Carolina and a Lieutenant-Governor of Florida.

    J. G. B. Bulloch, M.D.
    Washington, D.C.


    And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend.