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    What I would really like for this forum is to have Scottish companies sending us in information about themselves and their history. We'd create a page for them on the main Electric Scotland site but then create a thread in here for their company to announce the page.

    Then if the company did press releases they could copy us into them and we could then use their thread to add current information about them. We'd also place a forum link to their page on Electric Scotland so anyone reading about them on there would also allow them to read what's new on the company in here.

    Added to that our Links system in here is also perfect for adding the company url and in there our members can actually comment on their link.

    And so this is really a very powerful way for Scottish companies to get a good profile out there into the world and as all the search engines index the community it's going to help them become more visible. The fact that we also have dynamic connections to Facebook means any messages in here can be copied to Facebook. Should the company have a video on YouTube then again you can simply paste in the YouTube url and it will then play automatically when anyone reads the message.

    And so if you are reading this you might help to spread the word to Scottish companies to inform them of this facility.