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What I believe is the Hardest about Being a Parent!!

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  • What I believe is the Hardest about Being a Parent!!

    My three kids are no longer kids anymore. So, old Mom has had to adjust how to approach her so-called "parenting". I am often in wonder at just where they all came from. They are all totally different from me, in so many ways!! Not the least is in their political views. I feel that I am somewhat liberal minded, but from my "delicate" observations, they are all more or less conservatives.

    Just how did this happen?? I am also disturbed at times by the fact that absolutely none of the kids actually look like me!!! Not that I'd want them to basically, but would like to see some sign that they are still the children that I put so much love, affection, & teaching into. Of course, I do realize FOR SURE they are my kids, but you couldn't find a more unlike bunch if you tried.

    Now they do tend to look somewhat like each other, though. Two, the middle child & the baby child, look similar. But, I, for one, am unable to see much resemblance of my "lovely self" in them. And now that they all have kids of their own, none of them look like they're related to me, either. I do note that one grand-daughter looks like my ex-husband's mother. One or two grand-sons look like my ex-husband's father.

    Would like to be able to put a spell/or a curse on some of them, to have a girl child who looks just like 'Ol' Granny", & acts like me as well. Then I could say proudly that little "blank" looks like me...for a great change. However, perhaps, I should wish for a great-grandchild now. My oldest grandson is now 30, but the youngest one is 7. I do have 7 grand-kids, & I think that's all the grands at present. Just some musings on my part. IF anyone out there has any advice on all the above, please, let me know how does one actually parent....such old kids??