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    Johnnie, aviator : Fellow I am teaching is going to learn that
    atheism aint tolerable at altitude.

    Duncan, owner of flying field : You have been teaching him for awhile.

    Johnnie : For three weeks.

    Duncan : That is more time then a barnstormer would stay at a town.

    Johnnie : Yes; we go from town, to town, to town, to town; as you know.

    Duncan : You seem to like this area.

    Johnnie : Beautiful, indeed.

    Duncan : You from around here???

    Johnnie : No, Suh; where are you from???

    Duncan : Chattanooga.

    Johnnie : How far are we from there???

    Duncan : About a 133 miles; north.

    Johnnie : I have this newspaper; take a look at the writing.

    Duncan : Gazette August 17, 1924.

    Johnnie : Please read below that.

    Duncan : The Official Beginning To End Barnstorming

    Johnnie : Almost gave me a heart attack reading that.
    Barnstorming and Breathing --- they are saying the same thing.

    Duncan : The fellah you are teaching; how is he doing???

    Johnnie : He has a feel for the aeroplane.

    Duncan : Barnstormers do not teach folk how to fly.

    Johnnie : That is true. I arrived here, barnstorming.
    Gentleman I am teaching asked if I would teach him how to fly.
    I declared to him that I had not taught anybody, flying.
    He kept asking and you know who won that debate.
    He has a business at Jacksboro.
    He wants to learn and then plans to buy an aeroplane to be used for the work.

    "Young Fellah" --- he is 70 years old : Aint here yet, the Gentleman
    you are teaching.

    Johnnie : Howdy to yah Young Fellah.

    "Young Fellah" : You still planning having him feel drunk up there???

    Johnnie : He is about to have a teaching he will nevah forget.

    "Young Fellah" : You be careful with that type of flying.

    Johnnie : That is interesting you said that. When I had arrived at this
    ideal place for flying, you had declared that I was just
    another barnstormer. What are your thoughts about that now???

    "Young Fellah" (after a few seconds pause) : Johnnie Barnstormer!!!

    Johnnie : That is a nice compliment you just gave, Young Fellah.

    Duncan : The aeroplane you have been working on, that ready for flying???

    "Young Fellah" : Yes, Suh. I will be at the tool shed.

    Johnnie : You like having Young Fellah working for yah.

    Duncan : He is the best mechanic for aeroplanes in the
    old and new worlds. He does not do some things
    because he is not as strong as he was. He has
    knowledge that is wisdom. Yes, a blessing he is
    working for this former barnstormer.

    Johnnie : O, but no, Suh!!! Like a Marine; once a barnstormer,
    always a barnstormer!!!

    Duncan : I nevah thought of it like that.

    Johnnie : Just before I arrived at this Tennessee countryside,
    I met up with a lady and her shotgun. When we
    barnstormers land on a farm it is usually because
    there is no more fuel in the tank. Such a landing has us
    usually ruining some of the crops. After knocking on the
    door, you expect the farmer to answer with his shotgun.
    The lady of the house was standing there with her
    shotgun aimed directly at me soul. She quickly said,
    "You barnburning buzzard; get off me property!!!"
    I quickly declared to her, "That is what Sherman did;
    I am a barnstormer." She had nevah seen an aeroplane;
    I could understand her nervousness. What was making I
    slightly more then nervous; it seemed that
    she would pull the triggah and then decide if she
    ought to shoot yah!!!

    Duncan : I understand exactly what you just declared ---
    a farmer and his shotgun is more preferable than a lady and her's.

    Johnnie : There should be barnstorming regularly taking place where
    that yankee General was trying to steal the choo---choo
    train --- from Atlanta to your hometown.

    Duncan : I have barnstormed, Dalton.

    Johnnie : About a 144 miles south of the town you just named is Americus.
    I was at the airfield, there, when a lad had given,
    the Gentleman running that, $530 and his motorcycle ---
    he bought an aeroplane. After they put it together,
    he said to those standing around, that
    he is Chuck Lindbergh and would anybody be willing to teach
    him to fly. He learned and flying and him were made for each other.
    This took place a few weeks after the periodical, Time, began.

    Duncan : Why is he different from others who have learned, flying???

    Johnnie : Interesting you ask that, because we who watched him fly
    thought he was commanding the aeroplane the same way
    a qualified General commands. What is that award that
    nobody has tried to win yet???

    Duncan : Non---stop from New York to Paris.

    Johnnie : Yes. I am not a gambler, but if I were, I would bet that
    Chuck would be successful accomplishing that.

    Duncan : Why do you think that???

    Johnnie : What is the longest you have flown on purpose???

    Duncan : Over 3 hours.

    Johnnie : I would say 4 and 3/4 hours.
    They declare that Chuck flies 13 hours.

    Duncan : Are you serious???

    Johnnie : Yup!!!

    Duncan : With the aeroplanes we fly that is quite a few refuelings!!!

    Johnnie : Chuck, in the future, will be a known throughout
    whole wide world aviation.

    Duncan : I have been thinking, as we have been talking,
    that farmers still have things tough. The economy
    has bettered for others but not for them. I know some
    who are still trying to keep their farms.

    Johnnie : I know some, also; and when I am barnstorming,
    the farmers spill their hearts. Yet farmers have something
    grand coming their way.
    Aeroplanes at their best --- helping farmers.
    They have begun crop dusting from aeroplanes!!!

    Duncan : That sounds great!!!

    Johnnie : Yes, indeed.
    I like to try that flying --- low and fast just above the cotton.

    "Young Fellah" : Yankees are truly among us folk --- boll weevils!!!

    The southerners are laughing.............

    Johnnie : Your humour is Saturn, Young Fellah.

    Duncan : The Gentleman arrive yet???

    "Young Fellah" : That is why I am here.
    We just talked on that dialing thing you have in the office;
    I prefer telegraphing.
    He said that he will be a little late.
    He is having clutch trouble with the new Model---T he owns.
    He was blasting Texans as if it was their fault.

    Johnnie : You planning being at the next Bonfire, Barnstormers gathering???

    Duncan : I hope to be there.

    Johnnie : When talking to some fellahs, a number of weeks ago,
    about that get together, they started talking about
    somebody named Boeing and that he talks about
    there will be 300 passengers' aeroplanes.

    Duncan : That would be like sound in silent films;
    what is the matter with him!!!

    Johnnie : He, awhile ago, had to stop building aeroplanes
    and started selling furniture.

    "Young Fellah" : Yah aint flying those.

    Johnnie : When they were finished talking about him,
    I declared, it makes you wonder what type of alcohol
    they drink over there at Oregon territory.

    "Young Fellah" : I am going to see if the Gentleman has arrived.

    Johnnie : Walter Beech started building aeroplanes.

    Duncan : He no longer barnstorms???

    Johnnie : Nope. He has somebody, that aint anybody heard about,
    who works with him. I have always had anger toward those
    apes---on---wings' types, who do that stupidity and yet
    declare being barnstormers. I want them brought down!!!
    Suh, Walter Beech wants them shot down!!!
    I have had the honour of talking with Walter Beech a few times;
    when he was talking to others and I was listening,
    I had an amazing thought ---
    Walter Beech and General Forrest and we would have
    won the war.............

    Duncan : The fellah that works with Walter Beech
    that nobody has heard about;
    what is his name???

    Johnnie : Cessna.

    Southern Gentleman : Texans almost got me killed!!!
    Clutch was not working. I almost crashed.
    Howdy, Johnnie, Suh.

    Johnnie : The recently built Model---T automobiles
    have had clutch troubles. They hurried those because awhile ago.............

    "Young Fellah" : They sold their ten millionth Model---T.

    Johnnie : Yes. Although, greed aint just a yankee thing.

    Southern Gentleman : Texans have the nerve doing that!!!

    Duncan : Texans do not build Model---Ts.

    Southern Gentleman : Texans had something to do with the clutch.............

    Johnnie : Like I said before, Henry Ford aint a Texan.

    Southern Gentleman : He the fellah who is trying to buy
    the Muscle Shoals property???

    Johnnie : That would be him.

    Southern Gentleman : Where is he from???

    Johnnie : He is from, what we Southerners declare,
    the other---side---of---the---world; Detroit.

    Duncan : Texans aint from there.

    "Young Fellah" : Of yankees, by yankees, for yankees;
    what are Southerners doing driving those contraptions???

    Johnnie : I am just about ready to salute what you just said, Young Fellah.

    Duncan : He is a farmer.

    Johnnie : Farmers say about him,
    "He built a tractor that nobody asked for";
    how thankful they are of their tractors.

    Southern Gentleman : I reckon Texans.............

    Johnnie : You wanted to learn when flying began.

    Southern Gentleman : Yes, Suh.

    Johnnie : Tell him what you declared awhile ago.

    Duncan : Flight gets you off the ground;
    Flying gets you places.

    Johnnie : Flying officially began, A.D. 1908.
    Glenn Curtiss flew a real aeroplane.
    The aeroplane was similar to what we fly now.
    The Gentleman who brought about the
    ladies' favourite invention,
    Alexander Graham Bell;
    he named that aeroplane, June Bug.

    Southern Gentleman : That is more than just interesting, Suh.

    Johnnie : You be prepared for a pop quiz some time in the future
    because truth in history is always important.

    "Young Fellah" : That was the year the Model---T began, also.

    Johnnie : You get an A+, Young Fellah.

    "Young Fellah" : Awe shucks with this schooling stuff.

    Johnnie : You ready for yah teaching, Suh???

    Southern Gentleman : I was planning to see the bookstore before that.

    Johnnie : You have that here???

    Duncan : Yes; its declared that but is more like a library.

    Johnnie : You go there, Suh, and after you have
    looked at those books, I will have finished
    a walk---around of the aeroplane.

    Duncan : You can check out any of those books there.

    Southern Gentleman : Thank yah, Suh.

    They are walking toward Jennie;
    she be the aeroplane.............

    Johnnie : They should publish barnstormers'
    log books. We are to get folk "air---minded";
    having them read those will do the same.

    They are at the aeroplane, Jennie.............

    Duncan : You evah plan owning another aeroplane???

    Johnnie : Nevah!!!

    Duncan : What about Walter's aeroplanes???

    Johnnie : Nope!!!

    Duncan : Why???

    "Young Fellah" : Yeh; what he said.

    Johnnie : Jennie is a countrygirl---of---an---aeroplane
    and, therefore, the best of aeroplanes.

    "Young Fellah" : How is the carburetor doing???

    Johnnie : Like a countrygirl having her sweet potato pie.

    Duncan : Your countrygirl; she needs new dope on her.

    Dope is put on the fabric of the wings.

    Johnnie : Countrygirl is just fine with the dope she has.

    Hopefully that aint pun intended.........

    Southern Gentleman : I am ready for the teaching.

    Southern Gentleman in the front seat; Johnnie in the back seat.
    Duncan is standing in front of the aeroplane with "Young Fellah".

    Duncan : Set!!!

    Johnnie : Switch off!!!

    Duncan : Contact!!!
    He is turning the propeller a few times to get
    the gas to the cylinders.............

    Duncan : Ready when you are!!!

    Johnnie : Switch on!!!
    O, lets get her flying!!!

    Duncan is doing a quick spinning of the prop;
    "Young Fellah" is pulling him backwards;
    the motor is starting.

    Johnnie is looking at the tachometer = 800 r.p.m.

    Southern Gentleman is awaiting a peaceful afternoon.

    Duncan and "Young Fellah" are walking to the other
    end of the aeroplane; getting ready when needed.

    Johnnie is looking at the tachometer = 1100 r.p.m.

    Goggles still up;
    Johnnie is looking at the tachometer = 1400 r.p.m.
    Jennie is ready for flying.

    Johnnie is looking at the tachometer = 900 r.p.m.
    He is looking down both sides of the aeroplane
    seeing the grassie so---called runway.
    He is thinking deeply for a few seconds knowing
    what is about to take place.
    He is looking at the blue, somewhat cloudy, yonder
    above with a thought to Him that he is beginning his
    teaching of teachings.
    Goggles are down.
    He is waving a Scottish flag.

    Duncan is seeing the wavings;
    he and "Young Fellah" are lifting the back of the
    aeroplane as she is already moving, picking up velocity.
    What they are doing is keeping that which is under the
    fusulage from digging into the ground.

    They are letting go of her backside as she is going fast enough.

    Southern Gentleman and Johnnie are flying.

    Johnnie is looking at the altimeter = 4033 1/3 feet above the ground.
    He is thinking, biblical.
    He is looking at Southern Gentleman sitting there
    as if he had no care in the world.
    He is looking beyond the clouds speaking to Thee Creator : For Thy Glory I do this;
    Let his eternal soul know that he needs a Saviour; O, Christ Jesus.

    They are flying toward the mountains of Smokie.............

    Aeroplane is jerked forward; now upwards; doing a quickie circle;
    she is diving.............

    Altitude = 3600 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 3400 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 3300 feet above the ground*********

    What is life to an atheist!!!

    Altitude = 2800 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 2600 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 2400 feet above the ground*********

    A so---called atheist!!!

    Altitude = 1700 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 1400 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 1300 feet above the ground*********

    O, that Beethoven does not know that those wires
    keeping the upper and lower planes together;
    the wires making that horror sound;
    the wires that seem ready to snap;
    they are piano wires!!!

    Altitude = 800 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 700 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 400 feet above the ground*********

    Altitude = 300 feet above the ground*********

    The former atheist, Southern Gentleman, is looking at his death!!!

    Altitude = 78 feet above the ground*********

    Johnnie is a hoping Isaac Newton knew what he was talking about;
    he is pulling the Stick extremely fast to his gut.

    O, O, O, for a U turning!!!.............

    Climbing Altitude = 39 feet above the ground*********

    Climbing Altitude = 178 feet above the ground*********

    Climbing Altitude = 393 feet above the ground*********

    Climbing Altitude = 473 feet above the ground*********

    O, Jennie; Countrygirl; Aeroplane --- she is happy, again.

    Southern Gentleman : GET!!! DOWN!!! NOW!!!

    Johnnie : Yes, Suh.

    The aeroplane is landing; running the ground; slowing down;
    she is still and at a stop.

    Southern Gentleman is getting out of the aeroplane really fast.
    He is throwing his helmet and goggles to the ground.
    He has arrived at a chair and is sitting.
    He is looking at the ground.

    Johnnie is walking to a table and getting some Scotch Whisky.

    Johnnie's thinking --- Prohibition aint law.

    Johnnie : Suh, take this shot glass and drink this to calm your nerves.............

    Southern Gentleman drank that like there was no tomorrow.............

    Johnnie is getting a chair and is placing it in front of Southern Gentleman,
    yet has it so he is leaning on the back side.

    Johnnie : Please share your thoughts, Suh.

    Southern Gentleman : O, GOD; we almost died.

    Johnnie : Seems we were close, Suh.

    Southern Gentleman : O, GOD; what the heck happened!!!

    Johnnie : Turbulence; being near mountains; perhaps the weather.

    Southern Gentleman : O, GOD; we almost crashed.

    Johnnie : We still have a lot to learn about mountain flying, Suh.

    Southern Gentleman : What in GOD'S Name are you talking about!!!

    Johnnie : Though we were not near the physical mountains;
    just by seeing them brings about unusual flying.
    The whirling of air affects the lifting of the wings.

    Southern Gentleman : So GOD only knows, then!!!

    Johnnie : That is a thought---provoking and deep answer, Suh.

    Southern Gentleman : What in GOD'S Name are you saying!!!

    Johnnie : Suh, are you aware what you are saying???

    Southern Gentleman : What in GOD'S Name......................................

    Johnnie : There aint no atheists, Suh.

    Southern Gentleman : Its like I have just been hit by a tornado
    and yet I am still alive.

    Johnnie : Saviour.........

    Southern Gentleman : What must I do to be saved?!?!?!

    Johnnie : With a heart that truly needs Him who died on Thee Cross;
    With a repenting with no hypocrisy;
    With the bosom of thy being doing such;
    Jesus Christ will forgive you

    Johnnie : Southern Gentleman went home --- a Christian.
    Duncan, what are your thoughts about the flying I did???

    Duncan : I have my doubts, Johnnie.

    Johnnie : Somebody has just finished solo flying.
    The instructor approves though he is not finished with who just flew.
    The instructor tells the new aviator he is ready to fly aeroplanes;
    but lets go fly, again.
    The instructor is doing the flying and the new aviator is a wondering.
    The instructor is doing stunt flying from beginning to end.
    After the instructor has truly finished his last teaching;
    the new aviator is cursing the ground he is standing upon;
    hating aeroplanes and nevah wants to go flying.
    The instructor looks at the new aviator,
    with an intense seriousness, and declares to him,
    "Now You Are Ready To Be A Pilot!!!"

    That is exactly what I did.

    We are not allowed to fly as we please.
    We are not allowed to live as we please.

    Living aint no game.
    Breathing aint no joke.

    The teaching of teachings ---
    I Shook His Confidence In The Here And Now!!!

    Duncan : I am no longer doubting.

    Johnnie : You had said before that you know a publisher.

    Duncan : Yes, Suh.

    Johnnie : Get an author who will write short stories about a
    barnstormer's adventures for the periodicals; or,
    have them put into book form; heck, have the fellah
    writing the novel of novels about us barnstormers,
    giving it the title, Barnstorming.

    Duncan : That sounds great; will tell the publishing folk.

    Johnnie : I am going flying, again.