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  • A New Fashion?

    On a recent promotional trip to Russia, STA Director Brian Wilton took with him his new Harris Tweed kilt and jacket and decided that if he’d got it, he was going to flaunt it! So he had the famous Harris Tweed orb labels sewn on the outside of the kilt and waistcoat.

    “Everyone is worried about provenance these days,” he explained, “and what better way to prove your outfit is the genuine Scottish product than boast about it?”

    The idea was a great hit in Russia as well as at home with quite a few kiltmakers vowing to take up the idea and perhaps set a new fashion.

    “If the idea catches on” said Brian, we might get Scotland’s weavers producing their own woven labels or using the new origin labels being planned by the Tartans Authority.”

    “Traditionalists may not be ecstatic about the idea,” he continued, “since the label takes the place of the kilt pin, but when the Scottish industry is battling for survival against rising prices and foreign imports, then who worries too much about tradition!”
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