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    The Secret Pool
    Posted on December 6, 2010 by Jim


    ‘Can we go down to the shore and look for crabs and little fish in the rockpools?

    please, Grandpa. It’s such a beautiful sunny day! asked Tayne who was

    visiting his Grandpa who lived by the seaside.

    ‘Of course we can,’ Grandpa answered and hurriedly getting ready they set off,

    Tayne carrying his small bucket to hold any creatures he hoped they would


    Clambering over the slippery rocks they came to a pool with lots of little nooks

    and crannies in it, ideal for any little fish wishing to hide among the seaweed.

    Looking down into the pool Tayne caught sight of something moving slowly

    through the water, he had never seen anything like it before. His eyes grew

    bigger as he made out the shape of the strange creature, its head was similar

    to that of a horse with a pair of big black eyes which never appeared to blink.

    Its long thin body which was almost transparent turned up at the end in a curl

    to form his tail.

    ‘What is it, Grandpa?’ Tayne could not take his eyes off the little fellow who

    moved along in a jerky motion through the water.

    ‘ It’s a Seahorse,’ explained Grandpa.

    As they talked Tayne was amazed when it was joined by many others.

    While they were watching the seahorses made a sudden dash for the

    seaweed as long black fish with a huge mouth appeared as if from nowhere

    looking for a meal of the Sseahorses. In the panic and dash for safety they

    all made it to safety except for the one they had first seen who was much

    slower than the rest. Just as he was about to be swallowed up Grandpa’s

    hand quickly entered the water and scooped up the hungry black fish.

    ‘That was a close call!’ Tayne gasped in relief.

    As Grandpa put the fish into another pool, he watched the tiny seahorse swim

    at last into the safety of the weeds.

    ‘ He is a right slowcoach that one’ remarked Grandpa to an amused little boy

    who had never heard this saying before.

    Patiently they waited for the water to settle down again after the rescue.

    When it did, the Seahorses came back into view, and last but not least was the

    small one they had just rescued.

    They spent the next hour watching the Seahorses swimming back and forth

    and keeping a good lookout incase any other fish appeared to make a meal of

    the beautiful creatures.

    ‘We must go now before the tide comes in and we are cut off, then we will

    not be able to get back on dry land!’ said Grandpa and taking Tayne’s hand he

    helped him back across the rocks to the beach.

    That night as Tayne fell into a deep sleep there appeared in his dreams the

    pool that he had visited. He was even able to enter it and there waiting for him

    was the little Seahorse he had seen his Grandpa save.

    Greeting the small boy the seahorse told him that he was very grateful to him

    and his Grandpa for saving his life earlier that day, and asking the boy his name

    which Tayne readily told him, he introduced himself as Slowcoach.

    ‘That is what all my friends call me, as they say I am always lagging behind, but

    to thank you I have been told to show you round the pool, and there is someone I

    must take you to meet as he also wants to thank you for what you did today.

    Tayne thanked his new friend and followed him into the weeds where he was

    amazed to see lots of small people half human and half fish riding on the backs of

    Seahorses much bigger than Slowcoach.

    ‘What are they?’ he asked his friend.

    ‘They are called Mermaids and Mermen, they keep watch over all the tiny

    creatures who live in the pool answered Slowcoach.

    Tayne watched in wonder as their long tails covered in green and silver scales

    flashed in the sunlight coming from the surface.

    ‘Late again Slowcoach?’ you had better hurry up as he is waiting for you,’ called

    one of the Mermaids.

    ‘ Who is waiting for us?’ asked Tayne now beginning to get a little worried.

    ‘Follow me and I will introduce you their is nothing to be afraid of’ his friend

    assured him.

    Entering a large hole in the rockface the little boy was dumbfounded by the

    beautiful surroundings.

    The suns rays reflected on the crystals inside the cavern lighting up the walls

    with thousands of diffirent colours. Tayne had never seen anything like it,

    much better than all the lights he had seen on a visit to the fairground with his

    Mummy and Daddy.

    Slowcoach led him to the back of the cavern and there was an even more

    wondrous sight.

    From overhead, through a hole in the rock above a shaft of light struck directly

    on to an old man with a long white beard which flowed back and forth with

    the tide. In his hand he held a peculiar looking pole with three sharp

    menacing prongs on the end.

    He was seated on a beautiful throne made out of seashells and on his

    head was a crown made of the most beautiful shells and rarest seaweeds,

    silver and browns of all shades mixed with the astounding colours from the light

    made it a magnificent sight.

    His wrinkled face and stern look frightened the small boy and even more so

    when in a rumbling voice which echoed round the walls of the cavern he asked

    Slowcoach why he was late.

    ‘I have been showing Tayne around the pool and forgot about the time, I am

    very sorry’ he apologised.

    ‘Do you know who I am?’ bellowed the old man.

    N-no-no, Tayne stuttered in fear.

    Seeing that he was afraid, the old man allowed a smile to break over his face.

    ‘I am Neptune, King of all the Seas. I have been told by Slowcoach how you and

    your Grandpa saved his life today. I am most grateful. Not all humans are so kind.

    That is why there are so few of us left in the sea. Because of your kindness you

    may come and visit us anytime you wish and Slowcoach will take care of you.

    There is one rule, and you must obey it at all times,” warned the King.

    “You may visit us below the waves only in your dreams. You can, of course,

    watch us at any time from above in the air of your world, but again only with your

    Grandpa, never on your own.

    Now you must return to your own world before it is time to wake up. When you

    come to visit us again Slowcoach will introduce you to all his friends I am sure

    you will enjoy meeting them and you will learn all about life in the pool’.

    With that the King dismissed them and Tayne’s dream began to fade as he

    fell into a sound and peaceful sleep.

    Next morning Tayne woke up rubbing his eyes and wondering if it had really

    been a dream. It had seemed so real that he made a promise to himself that he

    would never visit the pool unless it was with his Grandpa – or in his dreams.

    A few weeks later as they sat by the pool watching the seahorses at play,

    Grandpa turned to his Grandson and in a soft voice said, ‘Tayne you must never

    tell anyone where the pool is, as some people might come and take away all the

    Seahorses and creatures that live in here, and I am sure you would not like that to

    happen would you?.

    Tayne was horrified to hear this and vowed he would never tell anyone.

    ‘Grandpa!, will you not make fun of me if I tell you something’?

    ‘Of course I wont, what makes you think that’, he replied.

    Tayne could not hold it back any longer and he poured out the story of his dream.

    After he had finished telling his dream he did not see the twinkle in his Grandpa’s eye

    or the wistful smile on his face as he remembered his own days as a young boy and

    his dreams of the world beneath the waves and a little Seahorse called Slowcoach.

    Jim Campbell