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The Storm Story 6

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  • The Storm Story 6

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    The Storm story 6
    Posted on December 7, 2010 by Jim

    The Storm
    Dark clouds were gathering in the sky above the pool where Slowcoach and all his friends lived. Huddled inside the king’s palace for safety all the little mermaids, seahorses and other little creatures sensed that a big storm was brewing.

    King Neptune was sitting on his throne of seashells, Trident in his hand
    With his long beard flowing back and forth in the tide, it was his duty as King of the sea to reassure all his subjects that they would be safe inside the Palace when the storm struck. Calling out in a loud voice for all of them to gather round he proceeded to tell them they must not go outside because when the waves broke over the pool they could be badly injured.

    Being an old man old as the sea itself he had seen many storms in his lifetime so he knew what precautions they must take. We will all be safe if you do as I say and the seaweed at the entrance to the Palace will stop any waves breaking inside and harming anyone. With that he turned to Slowcoach and said to him “ We must check and see if everyone is inside and out of harms way”. Making there way along the pool it did not take long to warn everyone to get inside.

    Meanwhile above on the surface the rain had started to fall heavily , beating on the surface like a drumbeat. The wind had freshened and the pool had started to move up and down as the first swells started rolling in.

    Gulls squaked and circled overhead high in the sky, they knew what was about to happen they always did this before a storm struck.

    Back inside the Palace with Slowcoach at his side the King gathered all the little creatures around him and started telling them stories of all the storms he had seen and all the amazing things that had happened to him during his long life. As all his audience listened, enthralled By the tales they soon forgot about the wind which had now increased to gale force. The sea overhead had started breaking heavily but beneath the waves it was nice and calm behind the protective weeds.

    During the day the wind increased in strength and the weeds were taking a terrible battering and strained to hold on to the rock surface. Suddenly a huge wave broke over the pool and tore some of the weeds away, every one inside the Palace was thrown about all over the place as the sea rushed in.
    Realising the danger the King told Slowcoach to get Larry the lobster and all the other burrowing creatures including Sammy the shrimp to come as quickly as possible. It did not take long for them to arrive and the King gave them orders what they must do. “It will be very dangerous work but we must do it to save the Palace and every one in it” he explained to them.

    We must build a wall of sand and shells where the weeds have been torn away, so they set about their task but it soon became clear why it would be dangerous, as they scooped the sand with their tails the sea continued to come in rolling the small creatures about but the continued to work very hard as they knew it was vital for the safety of all concerned.

    With the wind now shrieking over head the whole community was involved building the wall but after several attempts they realised they must try something else and this was when Slowcoach came up with an idea.

    “ We should place Larry along the gap then cover him up with sand and shells, because he is so heavy the waves will not wash him away”
    He explained to the King.
    A brilliant idea replied the King and Larry readily agreed to do it.

    Lying across the gap he started to cover himself up with his huge claws and tail with all the rest of the creatures helping. it did not take long to complete the dam and every one was once more safe inside.

    Now completely exhausted by their efforts they all lay on the sand and had a well earned rest. The King thanked them all for their efforts in saving the community from tragedy. Suddenly it went very quiet as the wind started to abate, giving a great sigh of relief the creatures started to make their way to the entrance to free Larry but the King ordered them to stop as the waves would continue to come in for quite a while yet.

    After a few hours they were able to set about the task of freeing Larry, when they finally dug him clear they all gathered round him and the King thanked him on behalf of everyone. Larry had become a hero to all in the underwater world.

    Venturing outside Slowcoach could not believe what he was seeing , the surface was covered in a dirty foam and the water was a murky brown as it had been mixed with sand from the bottom.

    I can see now why Tayne cannot come down and visit us in winter He thought to himself as he saw all the devastation before him, it would take a long time for everything to get back to normal but at least they were safe thanks to all the hard work of the community and especially Larry the Lobster.

    Jim Campbell