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Am I truly the first new member since 2017?

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  • Am I truly the first new member since 2017?

    If that's the case, it feels a bit like I'm crashing a private party. And I'm okay with that. :)

    I live just NE of Seattle, Washington, but I'm no stranger to Scotland. I have seen much of the country by car, and I keep going back to visit friends in Edinburgh, Stirling, and Inverness, or family in Kirkcudbright. Being a novelist and short story writer, I've visited Electric Scotland many times over the years looking for antique books on Scottish folklore. I collect books on folklore, but it's nice to have a digital library as well.

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    We got hacked back then and I basically closed it down although I did get a couple of email application which I did create an account for.

    We have lots of folklore on as you likely will have found out. In fact if you use our own site search engine it will find much more than a Google search will show.

    Anyway.. welcome and hope you enjoy your time with us.



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      Thanks for the tip. I shall try that. And your folklore collection is fantastic--thank you for putting all these resouces at our fingertips. I'm always looking for old text about cunning folk and folk magic. Do you have favorites among the old texts?



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        You could check out the multi-book series Rolfin's Orb which was written for teenagers by Margo Fallis who died a few years back. You can get to those under our Children's Stories menu on

        Also there is an excellent article at:

        But we have many book on Folk Tales and you might also check the page...