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A Frontier Joke!

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  • miolchu
    Re: A Frontier Joke!

    In the same region in the 21st Century, the main source of friction between states is water and so-called water rights.

    A brief water war story

    Three cowboys closed down the Ft Laramie Saloon and stumbled into the street. They wisely decided not to run afoul of the constabulary by walking back to the ranch. As they stumbled accross pastures they came up to a bottle lying on the ground. They took turns kicking the bottle, walking up to it and kicking it again. Finally the bottle broke and a genie popped out.

    The genie said, "since there are three of you, each can have one wish."

    The first cowboy said "I used to ranch on the front range of Colorado until all these yuppies moved in with condominiums and covenants. It got so restrictive I was forced off my ranch. I guess I would like all those yuppies to disappear so I could go back to ranching on the front range." With a puff of smoke the Colorado cowboy was back in Colorado ranching on the front range.

    The second cowboy said, "I used to ranch in the panhandle of Nebraska and all those Colorado fellows moved up to the Panhandle with Colorado dollars. The prices got so high, I was was forced off my ranch in the panhandle. I guess I would like you to put a big wall around Nebraska so I can go back to ranching in Nebraska." With the puff of smoke the Nebraska cowboy was back on a Nebraska ranch.

    The third cowboy said "I used to ranch here in Wyoming until those Nebraska fellows kept taking us to court to demand more water from the rivers and streams flowing in Wyoming. It got so dry here, I was forced off my ranch. So, I guess I'd like you to fill up that wall you put around Nebraska."

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  • FriedaKateM
    started a topic A Frontier Joke!

    A Frontier Joke!

    In 1876, Cheyenne, Wyoming, was an important outfitting and supply center for several small military posts and the Black Hills area. A freighter on the trail to Deadwood met a second freighter returning to Cheyenne for another load. The following conversation took place:

    Inbound freighter: "What yuh loaded with?"

    Out bound freighter: "Twenty barrels of whiskey an' a sack of flour."

    Inbound freighter: "Whatin hell are you goin to do with so much flour?"

    Found this in one of my books called THE FRONTIER YEARS. by Mark H. Brown & W. H. Felton. It's a great book with lots of photographs by L.A. Huffman, who was a photographer who traveled on horseback, recording black & white pictures of the early West, & the Plains of the USA. Joan