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Helllo to all ....been awhile since I was here

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  • Helllo to all ....been awhile since I was here

    Whew! I thought I was gonna be lost again somewhere in cyber space..... I couldn't make my new pass word work.
    I sent an S O S to Papa Bear and he said, " I just got you on board" so I tried again and it was "Through the key hole with me ownself" ......just like magic....

    It's been a while since I was here, the first letter I read was where the lady got her grandson. I was in tears before I finished reading the letter.
    Thank you Lord for opening a new door for her family.
    I've heard that old saying all my life. "When God closes one door he'll open another"......remember .... "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine"
    (Meaning: Justice maybe slow, but it will come eventually.)

    It will take a lot of hugs, smiles and telling the young fellow how much he is loved and yes,that he is a worthy person.
    How could a parent do that to their child.... Can you imagine what must be going through that young mans mind, on how his mom did him.?...... even took his hard earned money...?
    God be with them all. They are in my prayers.

    The new overhauled place here look's fine to me.............seems to be a lot of new places to poke around in. I'll pass by and check'em out. For now it's just nice knowing I can get back in here..............Thanks to those that be, on the other side of the screen making it all work.

    later ......gee-gee.
    "Laus Deo"

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    Re: Helllo to all ....been awhile since I was here

    Glad ya made it in Gee...I was a bit worried when I got the SOS but it seems all is well

    Papa Bear
    -=> Shared Pain is Lessened - Shared Joy Increased <=-
    Goddess is Great - Beer is Good - People are Crazy


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      Re: Helllo to all ....been awhile since I was here

      Gee Gee just hitch up ya boots and jump right on in! Great to have ya back!