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Thread: Hello From-Scotland

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    Hello From-Scotland


    I was looking for information about Scottish Independence, the pros and cons of it, and by some luck I found these forums. I have read some of the posts around this forums and decided to join as I am very intrested in the background of scotland.

    Well thats it really for my introduction.

    I look forward to meeting you all on this forum and wish to become an active member of this community.


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    Re: Hello From-Scotland

    Glad you found us Derri. We only recently created the Scots Indpendence forum as a place where I could place interesting and informative articles that would hopefully try and educate folk on what is going on in Scotland.

    We're trying to look beyond the myths to the facts if that is of course possible. I do believe the Scottish people really need to understand the choice they will make based on the facts. However I am well aware that facts for some are not facts for others but we'll try and provide good articles for us to debate whatever side of the coin you are on.


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    Re: Hello From-Scotland

    Welcome, Derri, from another new member. Lots of information here.
    "Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thaining thu"
    Remember the men from whom you are descended.

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