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    Reporting In

    Hello All,

    Not so much a new member, rather a prodigal’s return.

    A belated Happy New Year to all members, old and new, and also to occasional visitors. Delighted to see new members on the list taking an active part. I see efforts continue to be made to iron out some glitches in the system and I have to say it seems to be working well.

    Other pressures and demands on my time, not least on matters of significance to the future direction of Scotland, have prevented me from contributing to this forum on a more regular basis.

    The debate on Scottish Independence appears to be taking off big time generally, and, not to be out-done, on this forum also, with more questions than answers. It is to that debate that I would like, if I may, to contribute my humble opinions, unworthy as they may be.

    Before I do that, however, I think an apology is in order.

    The Scottish Democratic Alliance, an anonymous group who define themselves as an internet think-tank on policies to be implemented once Scotland gains its independence, considers that the population of Scotland are not smart enough to be left with such a momentous decision. Having read the rubbish that they have published so far their opinion of the sense of the Scots I dismiss with equal contempt.

    Imagine then, Alistair, my incredulity when I read this comment from your good self:

    “While I am for Independence I feel that the SNP really don't have the depth of knowledge needed to make us a succesful nation. That's a concern. I also don't think the people of Scotland are knowledgable enough to make a good decision. That is partly why I thought I'd start this forum to try and widen the debate.”

    There are citizens of nations all over the world who are descended from Scottish ancestors who were forcibly removed from Scotland. Despite the generations that have passed and divide them they still retain an affinity for the old country. They are where they are through no fault of their own.

    There are citizens of nations all over the world who were born in Scotland and chose to leave to become citizens of those other nations. This they did by choice and in choosing to do so they turn their back on the old country and in my view anyway they give up the right to opine on what is and is not to be the future of the country that they forsook.

    Of all the nations of the earth the ‘Tir Fuar’ (Canada) owes a debt of gratitude to Scots, and particularly Scottish Highlanders, without whom that country would either be a state, or bunch of states, of the country to its south or perhaps another failed ex-colony of France, like Viet Nam or Algeria.

    Considering the time and effort expended in creating and maintaining this forum, the wealth of history it contains and the examples of where Scots were foremost in the founding and running of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, the above remark seems way out of order.

    Where, do you suppose, are we going to find the people who might be knowledgeable enough to determine our future? If this is your opinion of the people of Scotland perhaps their views may not be wanted here? You are calling for a wider debate while implying that Scots are not included, they’re too stupid. I’m quite happy to leave it all to the knowledgeable to pontificate on here, but at the end of the day though it will be the SCOTS OF SCOTLAND who decide.

    You may think we know Damn Nothing but we know Damn All.

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    Re: Reporting In

    It's good to have you back Caledonian and I certainly share your view of Scotland's contribution to Canadian independence from our very troubled southern neighbours. Eternal gratitude on that score! Sitting on the branches of my own family tree however, I do want to suggest that Lowland capital and skill made a tremendous difference too, and that not all of the immigrants turned their back on the old country. Many of them, especially in the agriculture sector, came because there was simply no room for them in Scotland, but they maintained close personal and commercial ties for the rest of their lives, and those affinities still exist too. And tho' I'm in no position to take sides in the independence debate, for what it's worth, I heard some of the same doubts that Alastair raises from Scots when I visited there last spring. Thanks!

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