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Thread: Ponca Pow Wow, August 2012

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    Ponca Pow Wow, August 2012

    The last days of August will see a great number of folks coming from all over the U.S. to unite with family and friends on the White Eagle camp grounds.

    The smoke from campfires, tee-pees, visiting friends and family with evening ceremonies will mark a time differnet from old traditions but in another way, very much the same. The campgrounds are located along the river and one seems to drop off the road to a lower location and something of forgotten family of another time.

    A friend from childhood, also a Chilocco classmate, daughter to one of Mother's friends, brought me a wonderful cookbook the Chilocco alumni put together. In it is this code of Conduct and, too, I will share a recipe from the book to serve a crowd.

    Punch for 50

    2 pkgs jello (whatever color you want)
    2 c. sugar
    1 quart boiling water
    3 quarts ginger ale
    1 quart Lime ricky
    46 oz. can pineapple juice

    Mix jellow, sugar and boiling water and cool at room temperature
    At serving time add other ingredients and serve.

    And for my Chilocco brothers and sisters this Code we were taught at Chilocco

    Code of Conduct, Chilocco

    I believe that my body is the temple of my soul. I believe that cleanliness means health. Therefore, I will keep my thought, my words and my body clean.

    I believe that courtesy makes life easier and lovelier. Therefore, I will practice courtesy at all times, and under all circumstances.

    I believe that cheerfulness and hopefulness are necessary to success. Therefore, I will try to present a cheerful, pleasant countenance in both work and play.
    I believe that self-control means being my own master, therefore, I will try to control my words and actions.

    I believe that to merit respect, I must treat others with respect,
    Therefore, I will respect the rights of others.

    I believe that intelligent obedience is necessary to leadership
    Threfore, I will have respect for authority.

    I believe in loyalty and honor. Threfore, I will be loyal to the ideals for which Chilocco stands, and to those who are trying to help me to live up to those high ideals.
    I believe that education is living life day by day. Therefore, I will try to live as a good citizen should, in school and out. I will cooperate with other for the good of all.
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    Re: Ponca Pow Wow, August 2012

    The "Code of Conduct" are words worthy of living by today.


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    Re: Ponca Pow Wow, August 2012

    I thought so, Gordon. I don't know about other countries but here in the U.S.
    this code of conduct almost lost. We never used to have to be consciously watching when
    out in public lest we offend. Now, it's like I must continually try to work at calming a person
    before we can do business. Last night we had just a short space of time to buy paint.
    We knew exactly what we wanted and only had to pick that up without doing any shopping.
    It was twenty minutes to
    closing time. One of the clerks at Lowe's stood directly in front of us, stopped her work to look
    at her watch. We ignored her, rushed to the paint department, picked up the paint and was out of
    there in minutes before closing. The clerk at the register must have seen the woman and was so extra
    nice to us, even carrying our paint out to the car. I suppose all things balance out. Fifty dollars is not
    a big purchase at Lowe's I know, but they still are fifty dollars richer. I wouldn't mind someone spending
    fifty dollars with me - in a hurry or not. :)

    I'll get off my bandbox.


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