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Thread: I Love Apples

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    I Love Apples

    Measuring out ingredients for preserving apples is about the way I'm having to
    find time to enjoy correspondence. Measuring a bit of time here and there is
    all I'm able to do it seems.

    So far there are sliced, peeled and cored apples in bags in my daughter's freezer. A little
    whitener, vitamin c keeps them white.

    There are jars on the shelf for applesauce and juice. For thie applesauce I simply cook the
    apples whole and then after they have gone through the machine, or blender I pour
    that into a wire sieve. The seeds, any husks stay in the sieve. I cook this with a bit
    of spices and red food coloring along with just enough sugar to make them tasty.
    After they are in jars and a 10 minute water bath they go up on the shelf. I've been using this lovely pink applesauce over their ice cream. Mother used to use Red Hots, those little candies
    to color and sweeten hers. I don't know if those can still be bought or not.

    Some debate goes on about pectin being helpful with dementia. You can google apple
    pectins in google to read about that. Who cares if they are good for us or not. We're
    satisfied with the apples themselves.

    I know vinegar can be made and that is something to learn and do.

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    Re: I Love Apples

    here is a link you may care to look at [when you have the time in your busy schedule]..It's from the ABC Gardening Australia site, it has everything, worth a look.


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    Re: I Love Apples

    Oh my, Gordon! Thank you so much. Surely this warms my heart. And the name Colleen which is my middle name
    is pronounced properly, not the our Americans who say KO leen! :)

    I subscribed to this newsletter: Good Life

    Folks in our "new" society make fun of my "farm" and my efforts, that is until they come to dinner. :)
    "MMmmmmm, so good" they will say, "how did you get this to taste so good."

    I'm heartbroken over my son and his wife's divorce. They WERE headed down this road to a "good life.'
    She always had a large garden for exercise and we didn't worry about food. This year she spent her time
    at the YMCA for exercise, no returns on that, in fact, paying out for membership. :"(

    Thanks again

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