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Thread: What we're working on in our Community

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    What we're working on in our Community

    Just thought I'd let you know what we're working on...


    Our intention is to delete the current Blog system and replace it with the WordPress Blog system. This should give us much more control and as it's really the standard for Blogs it should be easier to use.


    We're looking to improve the login for guests and new members. I've been told it looks quite messy right now so we're looking at cleaning this up.

    Google Maps

    We intend to bring in the Google Maps add-on.


    We're looking at bringing up a different Postcard program as there are some reliability issues with our current offering which is driving me mad. So I think it's time to bite the bullet and find a better program.

    Comment System

    I have been working on this comment system. We thought there might be a configuration problem with our server that was causing the problems but we're no nearer finding a solution. That means I'm now looking at using a third party program and have identified 3 that are all worth using. We're currently checking those three carefully and I hope that within the next few weeks we'll make our decision and get it installed. All three allow us to save the comments to our own server as a backup measure which was always my single issue with third party products but seems things have moved on since I last looked at this.

    I might add that the comment system in some ways provides more social networking possibilities but this time around an individual page on the main Electric Scotland site. You will be able to copy any comments you make to other social networks and can arrange to have any new posts sent to your inbox where you can actually reply from there instead of going to the page. I feel this may encourage more activity within our clan and family pages.


    The company that produce our vBulletin system are in beta with v5.0 of this software (we're on v4.0) and always with a new release we can expect more functionality. We won't be participating in the beta and nor will we upgrade when they do the full release. But when they add the first point release after that we'll likely move to the new version at that time. It's usual that when the full release goes out other problems are found which is why you can normally expect a point release to fix the problems. So this will still be a couple of months away but just to let you know it's on its way.

    Should there be anything else you'd like to see within our community do let us know or indeed any suggestions on how we might improve the system.

    I will say I'm actually very happy with the community although we could do with more members so trying to ascertain why we don't get used by more people. Should any of you have any insights into this please let me know.


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    Re: What we're working on in our Community

    great!!! i really appreciate your ideas and this will bring lot of innovations in the blogs and will also make them more interesting to use them

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