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Thread: Australia and the Indian Ocean.

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    Exclamation Australia and the Indian Ocean.

    Re: Australia’s second sea: Facing our multipolar future in the Indian Ocean

    Quite an interesting perspective on Australia's role and responsibility in the Indian Ocean.........the report is lengthy but is worth reading; .another in depth look from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute , a short "Grab" from the content is shown below........some may find it of interest !/b]

    But despite the magnitude of its economic and strategic interests, Australia tends to see itself as an Indian Ocean
    state only in a secondary sense—literally, the Indian Ocean is Australia’s second sea. We’ve long seen ourselves as
    principally a Pacific Ocean state, reflecting our history and demography. Indeed, most Australians have probably
    only seen the Indian Ocean out of the window of a plane, en route to a holiday in Bali or Europe.
    Over the past 50 years, Australia has developed sophisticated and successful national strategies for the Asia–Pacific
    region, using bilateral and multilateral engagement and support for building regional norms and institutions.1
    Australia has also developed a comprehensive strategy for the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, focusing on
    multilateral cooperation to achieve articulated environmental objectives.2
    Almost a decade ago, in ASPI’s Our Western Front report,3 Sam Bateman and Anthony Bergin noted that, unlike for
    other key regions, Australia has never had a comprehensive strategic, security and economic policy for the Indian
    Ocean. There’s been little progress since that time.
    This is now becoming an imperative. For more than a century, our engagement with the Indian Ocean has taken
    place in the context of the military predominance of Australia’s great-power allies. This allowed us to pay limited
    attention to the region. But after several decades of US military predominance, the Indian Ocean is now becoming
    a contested strategic space


    The file is large but well illustrated and informative....................easy to "save", then read in sections

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    Re: Australia and the Indian Ocean.

    To get the best view from the PDF use the controls on RHS for "fit to page" and fit to width :) Refers to post above.

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