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  • 1938 Observer
    Re: Accounts of Voyages, Diary & Journal Extracts

    When checking out the main site it is suggested that you also view all the sub-headings at the top of the page, the little snippets of information are many and varied, and may possibly provide that link or piece of information that you have been searching for in other areas without success........

    The Sub-Headings are...................

    Diaries & Journals | Immigration Reports | Illustrated London News | Trivia | Frequently Asked Questions

    plus all the link buttons [blue highlighted] above them..............

    "Happy Hunting"

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  • 1938 Observer
    started a topic Accounts of Voyages, Diary & Journal Extracts

    Accounts of Voyages, Diary & Journal Extracts

    Discovered [ or rediscovered] the site yesterday, it contains many accounts, diary entries and other valuable information ...

    the main link is entitled......:cool::cool::cool:..."The Shipping List" :cool::cool::cool:


    Here are just a few of the entries covered..........................

    Diary Account of Charming Molly voyage, 1760
    Henry Evans diary excerpt of his voyage from Massachusetts to Halifax in 1760. Includes list of passengers.
    county Wexford to Quebec, 1819
    Extracts from a Diary kept by Samuel Baker during the voyage from Ireland to Quebec. After arrival at Quebec, the family took passage to Montreal in the steamboat Malsham, August 20th. The Baker family settled in Hallowell, Ontario.
    HMS Weymouth Portsmouth to Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth) 1820
    The daily Captain's Log, and the Muster Roll of the passengers on board. The Log also recorded the names and date of death of those who died, before sailing, and during passage. Picture of model of the ship.
    Great-Great-Grandpa's Scrapbook
    Wonderful varied shipping and emigration / immigration related newspaper clippings, from a Victorian scrapbook, which was compiled by two generations of the seafaring Dalton family - Captain James Dalton 1817 - 1882 & Captain Peter Dalton 1847-1911 and submitted by Tony Dalton.
    Chelsea Pensioners to Upper Canada, 1830-1839
    Lists of Military out-pensioners who emigrated to Upper Canada and correspondence about their hardships.
    Accounts on sinking and passenger list for the Cataraque /Cataraqui, 1845
    Comprehensive account, with correspondence, and list of Passengers lost, Crew lost & saved on the barque Cataraque. Cataraque, of Liverpool, Finlay master, from Liverpool bound to Port Phillip with 369 Bounty Emigrants and lost in Bass Strait August 4th 1845. See also Cataraque 1845

    Highlands & Islands Emigration Society 1852-1854.
    The Highlands & Islands Emigration Society arranged for the emigration of more than 4,000 persons to Australia 1852-1854. This is account of one such emigration, aboard the HMS Hercules in 1853-1854.
    Voyage of the Jane Boyd, 1855
    Diary written by Gordon Michie EWING during the course of his journey, with his wife and young family, from Aberdeen, Scotland, to Quebec, 'America', aboard the sailing ship Jane Boyd in the year 1855

    Each heading contains its own individual link, who knows, you may find an ancestor while searching through this treasure trove of information. :cool:


    Here are the opening words of one of the articles

    "Loch Long - voyage from Glasgow to Melbourne in 1886"

    LOCH LONG was a barque built by J.& G. Thomson, of Glasgow, for the General Shipping Co. of Glasgow in 1876. She was 1261 tons, 255 ft length, 35ft beam and 21ft depth. She is mentioned as a "wool clipper" operating Clyde-Australia. On 29th April 1903 she sailed from New Caledonia, under the command of Captain J. Strachan, bound for the Clyde with a cargo of nickel ore, but never arrived. It was assumed that she had foundered with all hands on the Chatham Islands as wreckage was afterwards found there.

    This account is written by Jane Scott Snodgrass (1856-1928) and sent to her mother Margaret (Lennox) Snodgrass, in Scotland. Jane's husband Hugh Snodgrass (who was her father's cousin), was already in Australia, so she alone cared for their children, Alan, Margaret Lennox (Maggie), Matthew, Hugh and Anne, during the voyage. (there were 6 more children born in Australia) Travelling in First Class was widowed Joanna (Snodgrass) Lang (1819-1916), who was Jane's paternal Aunt, referred to as "Aunt Lang" and she was accompanied by three adult children, Matt, Hugh and Janet. Joanna had two sons already in Australia, James and Alex.
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