although this is not entirely about Canada I thought it was a good economic comparison between the two countries and their real estate debt levels against risk.

Real estate: Australia's property market is riskier than Canada's, here's why

By business reporter Michael Janda

Updated about an hour ago
December 11th 2017.

Australia and Canada have a lot in common when it comes to property both nations have record housing debt and have had surging prices in two of their key cities.

But there are some key differences in housing policy and financial practices that may make Australia more vulnerable to a housing crash.

These differences have been highlighted by the chief executive of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Evan Siddall, who was the keynote speaker at a recent conference hosted by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI).

In an exclusive interview with the ABC, Mr Siddall touched on four reasons why Australia might be more vulnerable to a severe housing downturn than Canada, as well as one key area where both countries are taking a similar approach foreign investors.

That is just the opening paragraph of the article; the full, and informative article may be found at the link below