Hi again, my father, first language Gaelic, used to put us on his knees and bounce us up and down while singing/chanting a short Gaelic song about a horse race. As the race intensified so did the bouncing!.. one horse, a bay I think, comes from behind and wins the race, but it's right to the wire.
My Dad was born in Cape Breton Island, a MacLellan, song of Bard Angus Y MacLellan. (Margaree Island) My sister and I compared notes and we phoenicaly wrote out what we remembered. I will paste them below.

If any one knows anything about this song, lyrics, meaning and where we can get the proper pronunciation, that would be amazing. My 4 grandkids love it and I want to pass it on right.
Here are the two versions, hers is first and mine is the last, remember we have tried to write the sounds we heard, and we sure heard differently.
Ah whip a wap a wo and a jock a sack a vow,
An vadis macadema
Vadis Macadama
Copi Ana chess a kediac
Skoowsh ush scholinose
Scholinose la battle fax

ah whip a wap a woe and whip a jack a thoud
myname ush macademea
copi ana chess a canea
copi ana chess a kediac
tush ush yun ye en ah vel ah fac

Thanks for any help