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    This is "Home Renovation" on a large scale, it is produced by the BBC [UK] and the host is popular TV actor Caroline Quentin, the video below is the first in a series of six, just check out the amazing skills of the young man carrying out this renovation. :cool:

    Here is a brief description of this episode............... A small church, abandoned after flooding has been sold to a young couple. They decide not to bring in a workforce but to do it all themselves!

    This is the first episode of BBC's Restoration Home, a brilliant program on the saving of 'At Risk' buildings with significant heritage.

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    Re: Restoration Home

    Hi Gordon:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that segment and greatly admired the dedication and stamina of that young couple. The end product was beautiful. BUT, it certainly is a project and dream of the young as I look around at my life's collection, much of which is now regarded as 'stuff' with my mindset of down-sizing. Great how your appetite changes with the years.


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      Re: Restoration Home

      Boy, Gordon, these young folks sure bit off a lot in regard to rehabbing the old church!!! Several thoughts from me....1st, being in Canterbury Cathedral, I remember standing there & looking up at that ceiling!!! At those kind of moments, I always say to myself, that I will remember this...and I did. Also we, my family of origin, ate down the I think was, The Falstaff Inn/Pub?, on an upper level. Also when we first went over to England, we lived off-base at a huge estate called Glevering Hall, which had been sectioned off into flats, but it was still striking. That was near to Wickham Market, a small village. I certainly loved the old churches, & other buildings & even remember being in one up in E. Suffolk, where the Pilgrims came from.

      I'm like Lizzie, though, even IF I've done remodeling in my old house, nothing like that, that the kids did. My house was first here I know, before the Civil War, but would have to check the abstract to see the actual date. And old houses do present with difficult problems!!! The best part so far, in here, is my re-done kitchen, finished this year at the end of January. Such pleasure in one's own work, and in my case, others...i.e. my contractor & his help. Thoroughly did enjoy the show. However, the flooding concerns me, what about flood insurance? How did they actually get permission to renovate in a "flood plain"??? Having been in real estate in the '70's, I sold a property to someone down on the Whitewater River, & that was one of the quandaries, at the time. Anyway, Gordon, thanks for posting this. Joan


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        Re: Restoration Home

        Hi Lizzie,Joan and all,
        Here is another one, not quite in the "restoration" theme, but very creative in the design of these various homes, the range is from very large budget and the pitfalls are many and varied, the series ran for nine seasons and the dvd's of the series are well worth the investment [63 episodes]

        Presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams.
        check this site out.......

        The video service may not be available in USA/Canada, but will view in UK.

        I will place a brief video below to give you some idea.................


        Hillcott barn, jostles in an exciting way, with conservation heritage. Located in a remote valley of Herefordshire it is a mouthwatering example of contemporary residential design.

        The program exposes the pitfalls of self project management. RRA Architects believe that self-build project management is fraught with complexity and shouldn't be attempted without professional guidance through out the entire project.

        This episode of Grand Designs, first released by Channel 4 in April 2006 highlights in bucket-loads, how client optimism mixed with reality are not necessarily happy bed fellows. The end result after much blood, sweat and tears is a fantastic barn conversion described by Ken McCloud as, " a mouthwatering contemporary barn conversion."

        The program maker Talkback Thames submitted this episode of Grand Designs for a Golden Montreux TV award in 2006.

        Contact RRA if you are looking to create your own grand design. RRA has offices in London and Hereford.

        All parts are available on youtube