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  • Val McDermid

    I had to "Toss a coin" with this one to decide where to place it, ???????

    1. The lady in question is a highly regarded author

    2. Scotland and all its attributes is well discussed.

    3. Independence and Politics is also a key theme.

    On our ABC [radio] network we have a regular program titled "Conversations" with Richard Fidlar, the list of topics/interviewees is extensive and varied, informative and's broadcast was with the lady is some detail and the link to the site, hopefully it will work for all you overseas readers/listeners................

    Val McDermid
    Friday 5 June 2015 Val McDermid is a proud Scot with distinct views on her country's future.

    Val is the author behind the TV series Wire In the Blood and a prolific and successful writer of crime fiction.

    She was born and raised in the little Scottish town of Kirkaldy. Val recalls her childhood in a town famous for its coal and its linoleum.

    She's now the sponsor of the local team, the Raith Rovers, who wear her name on their jerseys.

    In 2014 Scotland held a referendum on the question of whether or not to depart from the United Kingdom.

    Although they remain in the Union for now, Val and many others believe the drive for independence has awakened a new kind of public spirit in Scotland.

    Is Scotland going to stick with Britain? Or will they break away after three centuries of union?

    Further listening and information

    Skeleton Road was published by Hachette in 2014.

    Val is working on her new novel, Splinter the Silence, due at the end of August 2015.


    You can either listen to each Conversations interview by clicking on the audio or you can download each interview as an mp3 by right clicking on the 'download audio' link.

    To subscribe to the Conversations podcast, paste into your podcasting application or visit our podcasting page.

    Visit the Conversations archive.

    here is the main link


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    Re: Val McDermid

    HI, Gordon...This link didn't work for me, stating more or less "OOPS, appears this link is broken", or something like it. I've read a few of Val's books, & they can be rather graphic at times. Haven't done so for a long time. I did enjoy Robson Green's version in (I think) a program called Wire in the Blood. But because it was on telly, it was cleaned up some. Thanks for the posting. Joan


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      Re: Val McDermid

      Hi Joan,

      This is the actual broadcast link that just worked for me [5 minutes ago] It's probably one of those things like the BBC from the UK where one needs to be "In Country" to actually see or hear a broadcast.............I think you would have enjoyed the talk.

      Gordon :angelic::redrose:

      I forgot to mention further up in this post that I had placed an episode of "Wire in the Blood" at the following forum link....enjoy.

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