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Saving High Scores

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  • Saving High Scores

    I would like to do a serious analysis on the saving of high scores but of course I need your help to do this. Here is what I have come up with...

    I'd suggest that you might load a blank file with either notepad or wordpad and then just minimise the windows as you play the games. Pop up the window to type in the name of the game and then minimise. Once you finish the games pop up the window again to say where it saved the score or didn't.

    Then once you have a list of games just copy and paste the text into an email to me at

    Info should be in the format...

    State what your computer operating system is:
    eg. Windows XP, or Windows Vista or Windows 7, etc.

    State what browser you are using and the version:
    eg. IE 7 or IE 8, or Firefox, Chrome, etc.

    List of Games you are playing.... and state whether saved or not saved.

    Name of Game 1: saved
    Name of Game 2: not saved

    I will collect this information and then send it to the authors of the Arcade program for their comments and see if we can resolve the situation.

    So hope you can take the time to help with this.