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Problems uploading to photo albums.

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  • Problems uploading to photo albums.

    I thought I would point out that the uploading routine to the photo galleries is conking out before photographs can be uploaded. I don't know if it is me or if the server need to be sweet talked.

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    Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

    If you want to email me one of your photos I can try an upload for you.

    When you say conking out... do you get any error message?



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      Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

      yes I get an error message after a long pause. I have tried shrinking files sizes to under 1MB but that does not seem to have made a difference.

      Most recently I tried to download a jpg less than 1MB of a jpeg of the Innes Hunting Tartan that was used in my kilt. It didn't upload. It was too bad because I hoped to have some photographs of different tartan patterns in the Tartan thread in the forums.

      My computer is in the process of being upgraded to Windows 7 I won't be able to get online again until I drive to Scottsbluff with the thing and have my ISP reload its software into the computer (I use wireless internet that has some proprietary encryption that only the ISP technicians can play with.


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        Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

        To try and understand what the problem is can you tell me what browser you are using.. like is it IE 8.0 or Chrome or Firefox?

        I currently use Chrome to upload files but if I know more about what browsers you are using I could try to emulate the problem you are having. Only the other day I did increase the size of jpg and gif files that you can upload.

        So the info I need is...

        1. What browser are you using e.g. Firefox, IE 8.0, IE 7.0, Chrome, Safari, etc.

        2. What type of file are you trying to upload, e.g. .jpg, .gif, .pdf, etc.

        3. What is the file size? e.g. 812k, 1,7Mb, etc.

        4. Where it is a graphic can you also tell me what the dimensions are? e.g. 1024 x 768 or 1600 x 680, etc.

        With that info we should be able to fix this problem.



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          Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

          I am using I.E. 8 but that doesn't seem to be the problem. It seems to be related to ES ability to handle the uploads. I was wondering if the process could benefit from a pixel shaving routine like Facebook utilizes. This wasn't a problem in the past where my old analog photographs could be scanned to create small sized files. Unfortunately I finally upgraded to a Nikon 3000 series camera that creates relatively large file jpeg images. I haven't figured out yet how to shrink them at my end and I don't have access to an 8-year-old (youngsters seem to be born nowadays knowing how to operate electronics and software).


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            Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

            Tom, I had the same problem, but used PaintShop Pro for many yeas, but it was taken over, and I did not 'upgrade to the new firm.

            I am on Vista and IE 8

            For the first time I have used Microsoft Photo Editor, which comes with most versions of Microsoft from Vista onwards.

            My test reduced the file size from 1330KB to 451KB

            Open the folder where your photo is located, and note the size if file
            RIGHT click the file name, then select 'OPEN WITH' and Microsoft Photo Editor should be listed
            therefore just click that and it should open the file IN that program.

            Now on the top bar click FILE, then SAVE AS

            When that window opens, towards the foot there is MORE, so click that word
            Another part of the window opens with a slider, move the slider from the right hand side to the middle.

            Where the name of the file is shown, 'add' a space at the end, and insert the letter 'z' (this is to make sure the original
            is not altered) now Save the file. Also it means that in the future any file with a z at the end will be one reduced in size
            from original.

            Lastly using Explorer find the file, and see what its size is now.

            The file size may still be too large and the above process could be repeated, be each time there a 'loss' to the photo, so beware. Best to have a file and experiment with the slider position, which you could use as a guide in the future.

            I suggest you print this out, and if you have any problems, I do have my email in the Profile.



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              Re: Problems uploading to photo albums.

              I use Mini-compressor to shrink my photo's found at
              This software is offered by a Canadian guy for $7.50 Can, and works a treat. I compressed 6 gig of photos (around 700) down to around 500 meg, and it took 20-25 mins to do it. If you have all the photo's in a file, it will do all the photo's in that file without any input from you apart from starting the procedure and put mini as an extension to each photo. Easy to move the compressed ones then, and leave or delete the others.
              Well worth the money!