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  • Just saying hello

    Hello Everyone,
    My family lineage has my grandparents on both sides coming from Scotland. Unfortunately, I have missed out on much of the history and traditions of Scotland. I have an interest in filling in the gaps (to be read chasms)in my understanding of Scotland. My mother was a Highland Dancer here in the States, so yearly we would go the the Delco Scottish Games where we would watch the dancers, the cable toss and eat some delicious food. I hope to get a better knowledge of what it is to be a Scot.


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    Re: Just saying hello

    Welcome to another Tom.....

    It will take time to look at all the info available, but if you use the Search on ES (electricscotland) site you may have help to cut down the time factor.

    Have you and idea of the location in Scotland, with which your parents were associated?




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      Re: Just saying hello

      They key is to figure out what you would like to learn. Like if its the place your grandparents came from then do a search on the site. Should you be interested in folk-lore then look for that. Interested in crofting or agriculture or Scotland's industries then look for that.

      One of the most read books on the site is at and would give you a good starting point.