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new and proud if my heratage

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  • new and proud if my heratage

    Hi my name is Mairi McDonald.

    I live in the USA, but I have been taught by my grandmum about the history of Scotland and in the old ways. I will not fly the american flag with out the St, Andrues flag. I beleave in the old ways and I'm trying to live that way as much as i can. I have seen the pictures that my da took when he went there and it's like i have been there before, but I have never left the USA.
    If you have no idea where your from you cant go forward.

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    Re: new and proud if my heratage

    Welcome... as we are mostly Scots in here albeit it from all over the world you should be able to get some assistance on any queries you have, Hope you enjoy your time in here.