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Thread: Working on our Web-site....??

  1. Lightbulb Working on our Web-site....??

    Hello, I am wondering IF you are working on the site, as I am having weird things happening. Under some posts that have been there in the past, now there's a big white blank area. Like there's one like that under Alastair, I think in the posting after Kelly said she was moving to Scotland.

    Also some of the icons, like the one for "facebook" is posted right over my name greeting at top of page. Also when trying to post, it seems that "someone else" has control of computer, as the page keeps going up & down. Am I "nuts" or isn't something going on??? Thanks, Joan

    As I posted this, when it came up, the "edit post" etc, were jammed up underneath the post....(add-on)

  2. Re: Working on our Web-site....??

    Alastair....I messed with the facebookconnect for a looooong time, as I could not get onto the community site. However, then I tried registering again...& noticed that the form that was to be filled out was stating to "join" with Facebook. I have NO desire to belong to facebook, & hope that my being on here is not jeopardized by that fact. Eventually, I was able to put in my username & password, kind of acting like I couldn't remember my password. Then it let me in. Is there any other place on the header that you all can put the facebookconnect???? It's a pain to try so many times to get in. Joan Something is really wrong. I have never had so many probs in getting into any other website. Please help??? Now my other posting from today is not there anymore~!!##@@!!
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    Re: Working on our Web-site....??

    This more one for Steve as he's the techie... but what browser are you using and what screen resolution are you at like 640, 800, 1024, 1200, etc.

    Some of that might explain the problem if you can get back to me.


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    Re: Working on our Web-site....??

    Joan, you may have accidentally hit the compatibilitly icon at the very very top of the screen it's to the left of the stop[esc] ,refresh [f5] icons, activating this causes funny things to happen.......... just a thought as I did it once or twice while knob twiddling/button pushing as I tend to do now and again.

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  7. Re: Working on our Web-site....??

    Gordon, I know about the compatibility view, etc. I checked that & that's not it. Not sure what the prob is, but started after some of the formation (?) for lack of better word of the site was changed. (like our names on posts are darker fonts). I appreciate your aid, as it makes me feel less "out on a limb". Sometimes it seems one shouldn't get out of bed in the AM!!! I did talk with Alastair about it. Thanks. Joan

    ***Plus the facebook connect icon is over my username, & password slots, so when I ran scans yesterday, I had a dickens of a time getting back into site. Finally did by acting as though I was registering again!!

    BACK AGAIN!!! I fiddled around with my computer, & now I have it fixed!!! Sorry, Alastair, to have pestered you with it. I feel rather helpless at times, in messing about with computer probs. However, usually in trying different things, I can get it taken care of. THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!!
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